​​NOC for Vehicle (Car/ Bike) Transfer to other state 

Looking for NOC for Bike/ NOC for car/ NOC for Vehicle from RTOs in Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida, Ghaziabad ?   Itzeazy assists in getting online NOC  for car and online NOC for bike in Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida, Ghaziabad.  NOC for vehicle transfer to other state online  is required, in case you want to transfer your vehicle to some other state or to some other district within the state . NOC or No objection certificate of vehicle is issued by the RTO where the vehicle is registered . Application for NOC should be applied on NOC Form 28 . After processing form 28 RTO gives you back along with NOC. Clearance certificate (CC)  RTO is nothing but within state NOC.

Please note that different states have different guidelines for the re-registration for the vehicles which is coming from other states. So, before applying for NOC for car or NOC for bike gather information about the rules for the re-registration of vehicles in the state where you want to move your vehicle. Like in Delhi NCR only Euro-4 compliant vehicle can be registered.

Application for NOC of the vehicle is to be submitted to the RTO where it is registered . Itzeazy provides assistance in getting NOC for vehicle as well as re-registration of it in the new city. Itzeazy has services in the following cities :

Who Should Apply For NOC

  1. Change of place of residence . New residence is in the jurisdiction of some other RTO
  2. Selling the vehicle to a person who resides in some other RTO area

The original purpose for applying a new NOC is to permit a change of the local government authority jurisdiction on that vehicle from one state to the other state’s or inter-state jurisdiction. A vehicle owner, who is about to change its RTO from one state to another permanently, should apply for it.

If the owner of the vehicle has sold the vehicle to some other individual and that particular individual plans to shift to another state with that vehicle for good, then the original owner needs to apply for NOC of the vehicle. Once the NOC is received and given to the new owner of the vehicle by its owner, it needs to be submitted by the new owner to the new state’s RTO.

In case of bereavement of the vehicle’s original owner, the legal heir of that owner has to apply for NOC in the regional RTO where the vehicle was previously registered.

what is an noc for a vehicle

If you shifting your vehicle because of either change of residence or you are selling to some one who lives in other RTO jurisdiction , then there will be change of address/ change of ownership. Process can not be done in the new RTO unless you get NOC from parent RTO. This NOC or no objection certificate is issued by parent RTO certifying that there is no traffic chalan, crime or dues is pending against the vehicle.

Once parent RTO issue NOC , vehicle ceased to belong to the RTO for all practical purposes. Hence it is advised to re-register it immediately to the new RTO . Otherwise it can be a big problem in case of theft/ accident/crime.


How to apply for NOC of vehicle

  • Download form 28 , fill it up and get signature of the registered owner on the form
  • Get pencil impression of chachis no. on the form 28
  • Arrange NOC letter from bank if vehicle in on loan or under hypothecation
  • Arrange valid supporting documents required to get NOC for vehicle
  • Submit the application for NOC along with supporting documents to the RTO where vehicle registered
  • Wait for processing of NOC application at RTO , it takes approx 1 month time
  • Collect physical copy of  NOC issued from RTO 

NOC from RTO online

Now apply for RTO NOC online with Itzeazy. Just you need to book order with Itzeazy  and It will arrange NOC from RTO while you can  relax at home. Following are the steps involved in online process of Itzeazy for NOC from RTO :

  • Share your NOC related requirement with Itzeazy
  • Share soft copy of the basic documents with Itzeazy, so that Itzeazy team can have clear understanding of your requirement 
  • Make advance payment
  • Share completed documents for NOC of the vehicle with Itzeazy for verification
  • Collection of physical copy of the completed documents required for RTO NOC by Itzeazy
  • Submission of the documents to the concerned  RTO
  • Issue of NOC by RTO and collection of physical copy of the  NOC by Itzeazy from RTO
  • Make final balance payment
  • Dispatch of the RTO NOC by Itzeazy to the address given by you 


Vehicle (car/bike) NOC validity

Are you applying for vehicle NOC and wondering what will be the the period of vehicle NOC validity/ car NOC validity/ Bike NOC validity ? So, here is the answer regarding vehicle NOC validity .

  • There is no validity period mentioned in the NOC for car or NOC for bike , when NOC is issued .

  • You are suppose to produce NOC for vehicle to the RTO for which NOC was taken within one month from the date of issue of NOC as per motor vehicle act.

  • There is late fine per month if you don't produce NOC for car or NOC for bike to the RTO for which NOC was taken.


Following are the documents required for  NOC of bike or NOC of car :

  • 4 copies of Application on Form 28 along with pencil impression of chachis no.

  • Original RC/ Copy of RC

  • Valid pollution clearance certificate

  • Copy of valid insurance 

  • Upto date payment of Road tax

  • Crime Report of  N.C.R.B.

  • Copy of address proof of the registered owner or the buyer where the vehicle is moving 

​Requirement for getting NOC of vehicle  

  1. In Delhi - NCR , NOC of petrol vehicle can not be issued which is more than 15 years old
  2. In Delhi - NCR , NOC of diesel vehicle can be issued . However other works such as HP deletion, duplicate RC etc          can not be done .
  3. If the vehicle is registered in NOIDA or Ghaziabad , its mandatory process to bring vehicle to the RTO for verification purpose . Owner's presence too is must.
  4. If there was loan or hypothecation on the vehicle , it must be either removed from RTO record if loan re-paid fully or NOC from Bank should be obtained for loan continuation


Note : NOC issued should be submitted to the RTO office of the state where you want to register your vehicle within 30 days to avoid any penalty.

If there is state change , Road tax is to be paid . To know the road tax detail in different states of India  pls refer link https://www.itzeazy.com/road-tax-1.html   

To use calculator to calculate the amount of Road tax which is to be paid , refer link    https://itzeazy.in/road-tax/


frequently asked questions

How can I get NOC for  car in Noida ?

In Noida , physical presence of vehicle and registered owner is mandatory to get NOC . Process to get NOC is :

1.  Get crime report of the vehicle 

2. Submit application form along with supporting documents to the RTO

3. Get an appointment for physical verification

4. Visit of registered owner and vehicle to the RTO

5. Issue of NOC

6. Collect physical copy of NOC along with RC

What is the process for transferring a vehicle(car/bike)  from one state to another ?

While transferring a vehicle (car/bike) from one   state to another , first NOC is required from the RTO  where vehicle is registered .  To  register the vehicle  in the  RTO of  transferred state  one will have to pay the road tax other than  submitting NOC , RC ,Insurance and address proof.

I have diesel car which is 11 years old and is registered in Delhi.  Can I apply for NOC of  car ?

Ans : As per NGT directives , diesel cars more than 10 years old can not ply on the roads of Delhi -NCR. After 10 years it automatically gets de-registered from RTO. This rule is applicable in Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida and Ghaziabad. 

However , NOC can be issued for few cities if its more than 10 years old but less than 15 years old . Please check with our service representative to know the detail . 

I have a petrol car which is more than 15 year old and registered in Gurgaon . How can I get NOC for the car ?

Ans : NOC can not be issued for more than 15 year old vehicle if its registered in Delhi NCR.  As per National green tribunal directives , a petrol vehicle which complete 15 years of its life automatically gets de-registered from RTO records registered  in Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida, Ghaziabad  .   

Can I drive my vehicle without registering it in the state where I have been transferred ?

Ans : No , legally its not permitted .

How much Road tax I will have to pay in the state where I am taking my vehicle?

Ans : It varies from state to state . To calculate the road tax amount please visit  https://itzeazy.in/road-tax/

My car is registered in Gurgaon . I had taken NOC for Bangalore  2 years back. Now I want to cancel this NOC . Is it possible officially . If yes, what would be the procedure  ?

Ans : Yes , it is possible to cancel NOC . The official procedure for this is :

  1. Getting Non- migration letter from Bangalore RTO 
  2. NOC cancellation at Gurgaon RTO 

I am moving permanently to Mumbai from Delhi . I have shift my car to Mumbai  as well . Since I need to pay road tax again in Mumbai , will I get refund of my road tax in Delhi ? 

Ans : Ideally you should get refund of the road tax what you had paid at Delhi RTO . However process is cumbersome and requires a lot of patience and run around the offices .  Process to get refund is :

  1. Re-registration of car at RTO Mumbai
  2. Submission of application of refund at Delhi RTO  along with copy of Mumbai registered RC .
  3.  Follow up with the RTO office
  4. Getting refund of road tax amount on pro-rata basis 

My car was registered in Noida .I had taken NOC for my car for Pune . Unfortunately I lost the NOC papers . What should I do now ?

Ans :  The process to get duplicate NOC is of 2 stage :

  1. Getting Non- utilization certificate from Pune RTO
  2. Application of re-issue of duplicate NOC from Noida RTO

Do I need to submit original RC in Delhi to get vehicle NOC ?

Ans : No, to apply for vehicle NOC in Delhi , copy of RC is  required. Original RC is not required . 


To book order or for any query or concern please speak to one of the consultants over phone or chat. You can also drop a message at https://www.itzeazy.com/contact.html  . We will get back to you shortly.


​Process , documents required varies significantly from city to city . To know the exact detail pls select your option and get information . 

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