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Online Marriage Registration 

Now get marriage certificate online registration with Itzeazy. Online Marriage registration is one of the specialized service of Itzeazy and applying for marriage certificate online is made easy. ​Itzeazy also deals into court marriage procedure and helps you in register marriage online. We have a team of  experienced lawyers who  assists in marriage certificate online and register marriage online . It also supports you at marriage registration office.  In this article we will guide you through the marriage certificate online registration procedure, applying for marriage certificate online, court marriage procedure, court marriage documents required.

Marriage registration process and register marriage procedure varies significantly from city to city . So its advisable to go through the process of concerned city . The cities where Itzeazy currently provides knowledge and support is :

Procedure for marriage registration

Marriage registration is required to prove that you are legally married to some one. In 2006, Supreme Court has made registration of marriage compulsory to protect interest of women. Marriage certificate is also required for obtaining passport, changing your maiden name etc. It's very important for women to get their marriage registered immediately after marriage as it establishes their legal claim as a wife. Our Marriage Consultancy services take you through complete documentation work and guide you through complete the registration process of marriage.


In India a marriage can be registered under either of the two marriages Act.

a) The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955

b) The Special Marriage Act, 1954


The Hindu Marriage Act is applicable in cases where both husband and wife are Hindus, Buddhists, Jains or Sikhs or where they have converted into any of these religions. The act sets minimum age of marriage for men as 21 years and for women as 18 years.

Where either of the husband or wife or both are not Hindus, Buddhists, Jains or Sikhs the marriage is registered under the Special Marriage Act, 1954. Special Marriage Act sets minimum age of marriage as 21 years for both, men and women.

 Online Registration of marriage facility is available in some of the courts. After getting registration done in Municipal Corporation, marriage records for the marriage gets  created.

How to apply for marriage certificate

  • Get the application form for marriage certificate

  • Prepare affidavits for marriage registration

  • Submit application for marriage certificate along with supporting documents

  • Deposit official fees for marriage registration

  • Get appointment for physical visit of husband, wife and witnesses

  • Physical appearance of husband, wife and witnesses in-front of marriage registrar on the scheduled date of appointment

  • Processing of marriage certificate

  • Issue of marriage certificate

  • Collect physical copy of marriage certificate  

documents required for marriage certificate

Following are the documents required for marriage certificate :

  • Marriage registration application  form duly signed by both husband and wife

  • Documentary evidence of date of birth of husband and wife (Matriculation Certificate / Passport/PAN card/Birth Certificate)

  • Address Proof  of husband and wife

  • Affidavit by both the parties stating place and date of marriage, date of birth, marital status  at the time of marriage and nationality.

  • Three passport size photographs of both the parties and two marriage photograph

  • Marriage invitation card

  • Two  witness having ID proof and 3 passport size photograph of each

  • 2 Marriage photographs

  • Certificate from religious place if marriage commenced in religious place

  • In case of Divorcees : Divorce Decree Certificate must be produced.

  • In case of widow and widower : Municipal Death Certificate of concerned person must be produced

This is basic set of documents required in every city . However some additional documents may be asked by the local authority . That needs be checked.

register marriage or court marriage procedure 

The couples who wants to do register marriage or court marriage can do so under special marriage act . It takes minimum 30 days time to do court marriage and is two stage process.

The stages of court marriage procedure is 

Notice for marriage

The first stage of marriage registration or court marriage procedure is serving notice for intention to get married. During this physical presence of couple and witnesses is mandatory .

Notice is put on the notice board of the marriage registrar for 30 days . 

After 30 days if there is no objection from any one , couple can go for marriage registration.  

Marriage registration

Second stage of court marriage or register marriage procedure is marriage registration. During marriage registration the mandatory presence of couple and witnesses is required . 

Upon court marriage , couple will get marriage certificate .