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RTO Hypothecation removal process online

Itzeazy provides RTO Hypothecation removal process online. So if you want service for hypothecation termination or hypothecation cancellation online, Itzeazy is there to help you. HP termination or HP cancellation from RC is to be done after the complete re-payment of the loan on the vehicle. Itzeazy provides service for Hypothecation(HP) removal or HP cancellation in Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida, Ghaziabad and other parts of India . It guides you about the documents required for hypothecation removal process and in completing hypothecation cancellation form 35.   In case you had bought your vehicle through Bank Financing, the vehicle would be hypothecated (HP) with the bank and name of the bank would appear in your RC book. Once you have cleared the loan, you should get the Hypothecation removal process done.  

Application for hypothecation termination  is to be submitted in the RTO where vehicle is registered


If you have purchased vehicle after taking loan from the bank or any financial institution, on the RTO record this loan will be mentioned . On the RC too vehicle will be shown hypothecated to the particular bank or financial institution. 

The process for adding loan in the RTO record of vehicle is called hypothecation addition.

Once loan is repaid fully , it has to be removed from the RTO record of the vehicle. The process for removing loan from the RTO record of the vehicle is called HP termination. 


Itzeazy Provides service for Hypothecation (HP) termination from RC of the vehicle . Service of Itzeazy is available in the following cities :

hp termination faridabad


HP termination ghaziabad
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hp termination delhi
hp termination faq
hp termination pune
hp termination hyderabad

We will take you through step wise procedure of getting NOC from bank for HP deletion in respective forms, required documentation and make your due representation with RTO office.  

Service offered by Itzeazy is door step and hassle free service . We provide SLA bound service.

How to remove hypothecation from RC online 

Itzeazy provides service for HP cancellation from RC online. The steps involved in the process are :

  • Requirement understanding from the client

  • Sharing of documents required for HP deletion by Itzeazy with the client

  • Advance payment of service charge by the client
  • Verification of the soft copy of the documents

  • Collection of physical copy of the documents from door-step

  • Document submission to the RTO by Itzeazy

  • Work completion and dispatch of RC  

Approximate time for Processing - 30 days

RTO visit Required                        

Delhi , Gurgaon , Faridabad - No


Noida , Ghaziabad               -  Yes

documents required for hypothecation removal

Following are the documents required for Hypothecation cancellation  

  • Form no. 35 duly filled
  • A certificate from financier for having retained full dues from the financier (for deletion case only)
  • Original RC
  • Copy of Valid insurance
  • Copy of valid pollution under control certificate
  • Copy of address proof of the registered owner

Forms can be downloaded from the link  RTO forms