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Documents required for Visa

Please keep in mind and bring all the relevant documents along with the visa application. All countries have different requirements for different visas. When it comes to documents, the following is a list of all the documents which they generally ask for. In case of

Business Visa

  1. A valid passport
  2. Travel itinerary including accommodation and flight details
  3. Business and professional credentials
  4. Academic credentials
  5. Evidence supporting that you plan to return to your base country after conducting your business
  6. Evidence of adequate financial resources
  7. Medical examination and evidence of adequate insurance
  8. Filled application with enclosed fee

Tourist Visa

  1. Tourist visa application form.
  2. Passport with six or three month’s validity period.
  3. Passport pictures. 
  4. Valid travel insurance. 
  5. Evidence of financial means. 
  6. Proof of accommodation. 
  7. Proof of a booked return flight ticket. 
  8. Proof of paid visa fee. 
  9. Invitation letter. 
  10. Civil documents (marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc.) 
  11. Any other relevant supporting documents as required in your case.


Transit Visa

  1. Airport transit visa application form.
  2. Your passport with six-month validity and blank pages. 
  3. Passport identity pictures. 
  4. Travel health insurance. 
  5. Travel ticket to your destination country. 
  6. Visa for your destination country (if required). 
  7. Financial evidence that you can support your trip. 

 Visa Application Procedure in Mumbai

Countries all across the world have different procedures for applying for a Visa. Let me enumerate the general procedure you need to follow for a Visa application in Mumbai. Most of the aforementioned countries have Honorary-Consulates, Consulate-Generals, or Visa Application Centres in Mumbai. Some countries have tied up with VFS Global to provide visas. Please note that the Visa assessment and issuance is done only the respective Consulate-General. In case of E-Visa; you can apply, pay, submit your Visa application online and get your visa via courier service. Only a few countries have E-Visas and the system began due to pandemic. You also need to decide the kind of Visa you want before applying for one.  It is advised to make a prior appointment or contact them by phone or email beforehand for Visa application. 

Visit the Honorary Consulate or Consulate-General website of the country for which you need a visa.

  1. Some country’s Consulate website has Visa application form in the website itself along with other forms. You can download the pdf version and fill up the form. Thereafter, you can post or submit the form yourself in the Consulate along with relevant documents.
  2. Some country’s Consulate website has online Visa Application form. Such forms are to be filled up and submitted online only.
  3. You can also make an online appointment in the website with the Consulate for Visa application and assistance.
  4. For countries like Italy or Japan, you can make an online appointment with the VFS Mumbai Visa Application Centre before applying for a Visa. You can also contact them by phone or email for assistance.

You also need to submit your biometrics in the Consulate-General. Biometrics is your photo and signature.

  1. Some websites allow you to make an online appointment to submit your biometrics in Consulate.
  2. You can contact the Consulate-General or Visa Application Centre to submit your biometrics.
  3. For countries like Italy, you can make an online appointment to VFS Mumbai Application Centre to submit your biometrics online or at the Consulate-General.

Payment for Visa application along with additional charges. Please do not lose the pay slip or reference number provided.

  1. You can pay the fees online provided that the website allows you to make online payment after submission of Visa form online.
  2. You have to pay fees and additional charges if you make a visa through VFS Global. All the charges are mentioned in the Consulate-General website or the VFS Global website.
  3. You can directly go the Consulate-General with the relevant documents and pay for everything.

Submission of relevant Documents to the Consulate-General along with payment slip, Visa application forms. You need to submit all the Government approved certificates mentioned by the Consulate or its Website or as required in your case.

  1. All Consulates have different timings for Document submission. They are mostly during the day around 9am to 12pm. Check the timings with the Consulate website before you submit your documents. If submission timings are not mentioned, please contact Consulate-General by phone or email.
  2. For countries like Italy, you can check the submission timings at VFS website and accordingly go to VFS Mumbai Application Centre to submit your documents. If submission timings are not mentioned, please contact VFS Global by phone or email.

Interview is your test before the authorities if you are eligible and worthy of the Visa which will be issued later on.

  1. You can have to appear for an Interview online or at Consulate-General. You can make an online appointment for the Interview timings or the Consulate-General will inform you beforehand.
  2. You can collect your visa at the Consulate-General at Collection timings. If timings are not mentioned please contact the Consulate-General or ask them beforehand when the visa will be issued. You can also ask the Visa to be couriered.

Visa Assistance by Itzeazy in Mumbai

The Visa application mentioned above is cumbersome. Fret not! Itzeazy will assist you with your visa applications from beginning till you get the visa. It will save your time, energy and money. We handle every case seriously and pay attention to minute details as required for your case. Lets me highlight the visa assistance you will get from Itzeazy.

  • Understanding the purpose and kind of visa you need for the country you will be visiting.
  • An estimate of the processing time taken for visa issuance will be provided.
  • Understanding your individual requirements and specifying the documents required for your case.
  • Expert Consultancy advice on the kind of visa you will need depending on your requirements.
  • Advice on the fees and documents required for the visa you need.
  • Advice on the opportunities like job and bookings as travel solution for the country you will be visiting.

Best ​​Visa agent in Mumbai

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Itzeazy is the No. 1 service provider of Government certificates in India that has its branch in Mumbai to help you with visa assistance also. Our mission is to provide Consultancy services to make the ordeal of getting Government documentations easy and hassle-free. Itzeazy provides Visa consultancy support in Mumbai for all kinds of Tourist Visa,

Business Visa, and Transit Visa for over 20 countries.

Services provided by Itzeazy in Mumbai

Visa is an official document issued by a government and allows the bearer to enter a foreign country. Visa can be used for different kinds of purposes: to study abroad, work or invest overseas, visit family or friends, and tourism. There are different kinds of visas to cater to every purpose and Itzeazy will act as representative to get you the visa as per your requirement. Itzeazy provides the following visas:-

Business Visa- This visa is required when you are travelling abroad for any kind of business activities like setting up a new company; exploring new business ventures; meetings; conferences and so on. You cannot work or be employed during the business visit.

Transit Visa- This visa is an official travel document used to pass through countries to reach your destination. It is short term and required by everyone. For example, if you are travelling from India to United States, you will require a Transit visa for Schengen area if you stop by Schengen Zone. We specialize in providing assistance with Transit visa.

Tourist Visa- This visa is required when you want to visit a foreign country for the sole purpose of leisure, sightseeing, meeting friends or family and tourism. It is also known as “Visitor Visa”, “Travel visa” or “Temporary stay Visa”. will assist you in providing the aforementioned visas . 

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