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Is it mandatory to have Adhaar card for marriage registration in Noida?

Ans : Yes. To register marriage in Noida Adhaar card of either husband or wife is mandatory as per Uttar Pradesh marriage registration Rules 2017. The address on Adhaar card should be of Uttar Pradesh.

Our marriage took place in Bihar. Currently we are living in Noida.  Can we apply for marriage certificate in Noida ?

Ans :
A marriage can be registered in 3 places :

  • Place of residence of groom
  • Place of residence of bride
  • Place where marriage took place

You can apply for marriage certificate in Noida if either you or your wife has address proof of Noida.

How Itzeazy is better than any other marriage certificate agents in Noida ?

Ans : Unlike any marriage certificate agents in Noida , Itzeazy is a professional company having a team of experts. It provides you hassle free service and helps you in :

  • Understanding the requirement
  • Proper documentation
  • Appointment booking
  • Support at marriage registrar office

Is presence of witness mandatory for the marriage registration in Noida ?

Ans : Yes, presence of both the witnesses is mandatory at the time of marriage registration in Noida. 

​Are there any restrictions for registration of marriages?

Ans :  Following are the restrictions under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 and Special Marriage Act, 1954:

1.1(a) Bridegroom or bride who desire to marry should not have married wife / husband;

(b) Bridegroom or bride who cannot voluntarily give consent for marriages owing to mental illness are not eligible for marriage;

(c) Marriage of those who are capable of giving consent for marriage but (d) incapable of getting child owing to unsound mind cannot be solemnised nor be registered;

(d) Those suffering from insanity   are ineligible for solemnisation of marriage;

(e) Those who are within degree of prohibited relationship are ineligible for marriage provided they can marry if it is permitted according to the usage of custom or usage governing such persons;

1.2. Bridegroom and bride who are descendants up to 5 generation from mother's side or father's side cannot marry (They are called Sapindas).

II. Restrictions under Parsi Marriage Act 1936 are as follows:

Bride and Bridegroom should not be related within the degree of prohibited relationship mentioned in schedule I of the Act.

marriage registration noida order booking
marriage registration noida
marriage registration noida order booking

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Marriage Certificate Noida 

Want to apply for marriage certificate in Noida ? Want to do online marriage registration in Noida and looking for marriage certificate agents in Noida ? Itzeazy provides service for marriage certificate in Noida. Itzeazy handles the marriage registration process in Noida end to end. Our lawyer provides assistance at marriage registrar office in Noida too. 

In 2006, the Supreme Court established a guideline that says that a marriage must be registered within 30 days of the date of the marriage to protect women's rights in marriage.

In Uttar Pradesh as per " The Uttar Pradesh Marriage Registration Rules 2017 ",  all marriages that have been solemnized in the state have to be registered. 

Assistance from Itzeazy will help you avoid mistakes. Our specialists will take you through the entire process and help you get your marriage certificate without having multiple visits to the marriage registration office in Noida.

From the convenience of your own home, you can easily apply for marriage certificate in Noida.


Now you can apply for marriage certificate in Noida online with Itzeazy. It assists you in the process end to end and also provides support at marriage registration office in Noida.

Following are the steps involved in the marriage certificate process of Itzeazy  :

  • Understanding of customer's requirement for marriage certificate in Noida

  • Sharing of soft copy of the basic documents for marriage registration by the client with Itzeazy

  • Advance payment by the client

  • Preparation of necessary affidavits and forms by Itzeazy team

  • Scheduling of appointment of husband, wife and witnesses at marriage registration office in Noida

  • Visit of husband, wife and witnesses at marriage registration office Noida assisted by lawyer from Itzeazy team

  • Verification of documents by the registrar of marriage Noida

  • Marriage certificate issued.

Uttar Pradesh marriage registration Rules 2017

According to the Uttar Pradesh Marriage Registration Rules 2017, all marriages where the bride or groom is a resident of 

Uttar Pradesh or the marriage took place in Uttar Pradesh must be registered. The 2017 Uttar Pradesh Marriage Registration

Rules are an extension of the previous regulations.   The major highlights of  " the Uttar Pradesh Marriage Registration Rules 2017" are :

  • Marriage registrations that have already been completed in another state will be considered valid.

  • Unregistered marriages can be registered under Rule 7 of the Uttar Pradesh Marriage Registration Rules 2017.

  • Marriages that are not registered are not considered invalid just because they are not recorded.

  • After one year from the date of marriage, there is a fine for late marriage registration. The penalties for being late will be Rs. 50 each year.

Eligibility for Marriage Registration in Noida

Eligibility criteria for marriage registration in Noida is :

  • You must belong to India. In case if you are a foreign national, then you need to comply with certain requirements like having  valid visa or temporary resident permit in India.

  • You must be of legal age to marry. The age of Groom should be above 21 years and  the age of bride should be above 18 years . 

  • Neither of the party should be already married. 

  • Both the bride and groom should be in good physical and mental condition.

  • Groom and bride should not fall under prohibited degree of relationship.

how to get Marriage certificate  in Noida

Marriage registration in Noida is a process that allows you to get married under the Hindu Marriage Act 1955. You can register your marriage at any Civil Registrar Office of the district court in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

The Indian government has made it mandatory for every couple who wishes to get married as per this act to first register their marriage before doing so; this helps them avoid unnecessary problems later on .

​Now let us understand how to register your wedding. You can do online marriage registration in Noida at any time. You have 3 months time from the date of marriage to get it registered.

The place where you should go for registration is determined by whether you got married at home, or temple and whether it was a religious or civil ceremony. If you got married in a Hindu temple or any other such private place then:

You need to take two witnesses who were present during this ceremony along with their identity proofs as well as yours and fill up an application form. Get the form from the official website. 

Form Submission​

Visit UP govt. website for marriage registration. After filling up all required information on this form including father's name of bridegroom & bride, address etc., attach relevant documents like copy of PAN card/ Voter ID/ Driving License etc., photos , signature etc.

Schedule Appointment

Book an Appointment to visit the marriage registration office in Noida. Under the Hindu Marriage Act, the date of appointment is typically within 15 days from the date of the request, and in the event of a Special Marriage Act, it could take up to 60 days.

Visit to Registrar Office

​Visit the Sub-Divisional Magistrate's office in jurisdiction of whom marriage took place or where the couples resided for about one year prior to the wedding ceremony took place.


​Any person who was present at the time of the wedding of the couple may be a witness. Witnesses must be able to show a valid PAN Card as well as document of their residence.

Documents required  for Marriage certificate in Noida

Following are the documents required for marriage certificate in Noida :

  1. Marriage registration application  form duly signed by both husband and wife.
  2. Documentary evidence of date of birth of parties (Matriculation Certificate / Passport/ Birth Certificate)
  3. Address Proof  of husband and wife
  4. Affidavit by both the parties stating place and date of marriage, date of birth, marital status at the time of marriage and nationality.
  5. Two passport size photographs of both the parties and two marriage photograph.
  6. Marriage invitation card in case marriage commenced within 1 year
  7. Two  witness having ID proof ( 2 passport size photograph each)
  8. Certificate from Gazzatted officer

Court marriage procedure in Noida

Following are the steps in court marriage procedure :

  • Submission of requisite documents of bride and groom to the marriage registrar office.
  • Physical visit of husband, wife and three witnesses to the marriage registrar office for the notice
  • Notice for the intention to get married will be served
  • Couple can get married after 30 days from the date of serving notice
  • Physical visit of husband, wife and three witnesses to the marriage registrar office for marriage
  • Marriage certificate will be issued 

Marriage registration office Noida

Application for marriage registration should be submitted to the marriage registration office in Noida. Marriage registrar office issues marriage certificate in Noida. The address of marriage registrar office in Noida is :

Marriage Registrar office

Block A,

Sector 33,


Uttar Pradesh