Following are the documents required for birth certificate in Gurgaon

  1. Hospital discharge summary
  2. Child's Adhar card
  3. Child's 10th certificate if he/she has passed it 
  4. Parent's ID proof


The RBD Act, 1969 is a Central Act to promote uniformity and comparability in the registration of Births, Stillbirths and Deaths and has been framed to register the said events at the place of occurrence.


The salient features and provisions of the RBD Act, 1969 are as under:

  • It is mandatory to register births and deaths.

  • Live birth and still birth are both considered births.

  • Uniform law for reporting and registering all births and deaths in the country

  • Birth events to be registered by the Registrar at the place of occurrence and within her / his jurisdiction 

  • Allows registration beyond the prescribed period of 21 days 

  • Allows registration of birth without name of child and for addition of name at a later date [Maximum period prescribed in the Rules for subsequent addition of name is 15 years]

  • Allows for correction or cancellation of entry in the birth register 

  • Provision for imposing penalties for non-reporting / non-registration and negligence 

  • Registers of births and deaths to be kept as permanent records

  • The Act allows registration of Births that had occurred even prior to enactment of the Act ​
ghaziabad birth certificate book order
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ghaziabad birth certificate book order
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birth certificate ghaziabad click

There is correction required in the birth certificate of mine. Do Itzeazy helps in correction of birth certificate ?

Ans : Yes , Itzeazy helps in correction of birth certificate as well . For detail pls contact our relationship executive.

I have a old hand written birth certificate issued from Municipal corporation Ghaziabad. How can I get computerized online birth certificate in Ghaziabad. 

Ans : You can apply for reissue of birth certificate . It will be digital and online. 

How is Itzeazy better than any other birth certificate agent in Ghaziabad?

Ans : Itzeazy is a reputed startups in this segment and better than any other birth certificate agent in Delhi in the following aspects :

- Its guided by professional ethics
- We adhere by SLAs
- Your documents and money are safe with us
- Total peace of mind

What is the process to makes changes in Birth certificate?


A correction letter is required from Medical Record Officer of concerned hospital/institution, where birth/death event occurred along with supporting documents for events, of less than 10yr old.

For Birth & Death event > 10 yr old

i) Affidavit stamp paper on Rs.10/- duly attested by SDM/Notary public having subject correction of birth events.
ii) Supporting document like Passport, Ration Card, Voter Identity Card, 10th class certificate, cremation etc.

My son was born in a hospital in Ghaziabad . I have hospital discharge paper . Now I am in Mumbai . How can I apply for birth certificate of my child ? Is my physical presence required in Ghaziabad ?

Ans : Physical presence of parents is not required for Birth certificate application. You only need to share soft copy of the required documents over mail. We will get it done and will send Birth certificate by courier.  

Who can issue birth certificate in Ghaziabad ?

Ans : In Ghaziabad, birth certificate is issued by Nagar Nigam Ghaziabad. 

How many days it will take to get birth certificate in Ghaziabad ?

Ans : It takes approx. 30 days time to get birth certificate in Ghaziabad. 

How can I get duplicate birth certificate in Ghaziabad?

Ans : To get duplicate birth certificate in Ghaziabad, you will have to apply for duplicate birth certificate in the concerned municipal corporation office of  Ghaziabad. 

Process takes approx. 1 month time .

Birth Certificate Agent Ghaziabad

looking for birth certificate agent in Ghaziabad? Want to apply for online birth certificate Ghaziabad ? Itzeazy provides service for birth certificate online in Ghaziabad. Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam issues birth certificates in the city. Itzeazy's birth certificate service is a hassle-free process.

There is a well-defined internal process in place to ensure that the service is delivered as efficiently as possible.​

A Birth Certificate is issued by Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam.

Benefits of birth certificate registration

Birth certificate is the first right of the child and it is one of the first identity of any child. 

There are many uses of birth certificates. Some of them are:

  • For school admissions
  • As proof of age for employment
  • For proof of age at marriage
  • To establish parentage
  • To establish the age for purpose of enrollment in the Electoral rolls
  • For establishing the age for insurance purposes
  • For getting registered in the National population register (NPR)

Itzeazy provides assistance in following birth certificate related service in Ghaziabad :

1) New Birth certificate

  • Birth certificate without name
  • Birth certificate with name

2) Duplicate birth certificate  


If Birth took place in hospital , following procedure is to be followed to get birth certificate

  • Submit an application for a birth certificate without a name, along with supporting documentation, to the Ghaziabad municipality office.

  • Deposit the required government fees for a birth certificate at the counter.

  • Get  the application submission receipt.

  • Collect a physical copy of your birth certificate without your name from the Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation.

  • Make an affidavit for the child's name incorporation

  • Submit an application for a birth certificate with your name, along with supporting documents and an affidavit, to the Ghaziabad Municipality office.

  • Deposit  requisite Govt. fees at the counter

  • Get receipt for submission of the application

  • Collect birth certificate with name after one month


Itzeazy provides online and door step service in Ghaziabad . Following are the steps involved in the online birth certificate process of Itzeazy in Ghaziabad

  • Requirement understanding of the client

  • Sharing of the list of documents required for birth certificate in Ghaziabad

  • Advance payment by the client

  • Verification of the soft copy of the documents

  • Submission of the document to the Municipality of Ghaziabad office 

  • Time to time update to the client about the progress of the work

  • Work completion and dispatch of the document

Time required for processing    - 30 days

Physical visit of client required - No