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marriage certificate pune faq

Our marriage took place in Kanpur , UP . Currently we live in Pune. How much time it will take to register marriage in Pune?

Ans : Such marriages in which place of marriage is outside Maharashtra , It takes one month time to register Hindu marriage.

How Itzeazy is better than any other marriage certificate agents in Bangalore ?

Ans : Unlike any marriage certificate agents in Bangalore, Itzeazy is a professional company having a team of experts. It provides you online marriage registration in Pune, a hassle-free service and helps you in :

- Understanding the requirement

- Proper documentation

- Appointment booking

- Support at marriage registrar office

Our marriage took place in Bihar. Currently we are living in Pune. Can we apply for marriage certificate in Pune ?

Ans : A marriage can be registered in 3 places :

1. Place of residence of groom
2. Place of residence of bride
3. Place where marriage took place

You can apply for marriage certificate in Pune if either you or your wife has address proof of Pune.

Is presence of witness mandatory for the marriage registration in Pune ?

Ans : Yes, presence of both the witnesses is mandatory at the time of marriage registration in Pune.

Are there any restrictions for registration of marriages?

Ans : Following are the restrictions under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 and Special Marriage Act, 1954:

1.1(a) Bridegroom or bride who desire to marry should not have married wife / husband;

(b) Bridegroom or bride who cannot voluntarily give consent for marriages owing to mental illness are not eligible for marriage;

(c) Marriage of those who are capable of giving consent for marriage but (d) incapable of getting child owing to unsound mind cannot be solemnised nor be registered;

(d) Those suffering from insanity   are ineligible for solemnisation of marriage;

(e) Those who are within degree of prohibited relationship are ineligible for marriage provided they can marry if it is permitted according to the usage of custom or usage governing such persons;

1.2. Bridegroom and bride who are descendants up to 5 generation from mother's side or father's side cannot marry (They are called Sapindas).

II. Restrictions under Parsi Marriage Act 1936 are as follows:

Bride and Bridegroom should not be related within the degree of prohibited relationship mentioned in schedule I of the Act. 

marriage certificate pune order now

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marriage certificate pune faq
marriage certificate pune faq

 Online Marriage Registration in Pune

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Marriage Certificate Agent Pune 

Want to apply for marriage certificate in Pune ? Looking for marriage certificate agent in Pune who can help to do online marriage registration in Pune? Your search for marriage certificate agent Pune, marriage registration agent Pune, court marriage advocate in Pune, court marriage lawyer in Pune stops here . With the help of Itzeazy, you can apply for  your marriage certificate online in Pune. It helps with online marriage registration process in Pune. The Maharashtra Regulation of Marriage Bureaus and Registration of Marriages Act, 1998 governs the registration of marriages in Pune, regardless of caste, creed, or religion.

The Hindu Marriage Act allows for the registration of already-solemnized marriages. Hindu, Sikh, Jain, and Buddhist religions are covered by the Hindu marriage laws.

Muslim and Christian marriages can be registered  under  special marriage act . offers Marriage Registration Consultancy in Pune to couples who have already married.

Marriage certificate Pune - elegibility

Eligibility criteria to apply for marriage certificate in Pune is :

  • Both the bride and groom should not have been previously married, or if they had, neither should the spouse still be alive.
  • Both the bride and groom should have sound mental health.
  • The boy and girl shouldn't fall under prohibited degree of relationship.
  • Bride must be at least 18 years of age and groom must be at least 21 years in order to get married

marriage certificate online pune process 

 The process to get marriage certificate in Pune is:

  • Obtain a copy of the marriage registration form.

  • Prepare an affidavit for the marriage certificate application.

  • Arrange all supporting documents required for marriage certificate

  • Submit the application in the prescribed form, along with the required documents, to the Marriage Officer's court (Addl. District Magistrate, Collectorate)

  • The marriage registrar office will schedule a personal visit for the husband, wife, and witnesses.

  • On the day of the scheduled appointment, the husband, wife, and witnesses must go to the marriage registrar's office.

  • The Court will verify all of the parties' declarations and will register the marriage in the presence of four witnesses.

  • The marriage registration certificate will be issued after the registration of the marriage.

Marriage registration in Pune Under the Hindu Marriage Act

​People of any caste who practice Hinduism can apply for marriage registration in Pune under the Hindu Marriage Act. This only applies to weddings that have already been solemnized but have not yet been registered.

​Couples must apply immediately for the marriage certificate Pune prior to the day of their wedding and then appear before the registrar within the jurisdiction in which the marriage was legally sworn or in the state where either has resided for at least one month. They must be accompanied by witnesses and parents within a month for online marriage registration in Pune.

Marriage Registration Pune Under the Special Marriage Act

People of any religion can  opt for marriage registration under the Special marriage act. The Act includes wedding solemnization and registration.  

An application has to be sent to the office of registration and, upon receipt, a notice is posted in the office. If there is no objection within 30 calendar days, marriage will be legally registered.

Additionally, Couples need to reach the office of the registrar, at the specified time on the slip, along with witnesses and the documents. The marriage registrar office will verify the documents and issue marriage certificate.


Documents required for Marriage Certificate in Pune

Following are the documents required for marriage certificate in Pune

  • Date of birth proof of both spouses (10th  certificate/ birth certificate )
  • Address proof of husband and wife  (Aadhaar card/ Voter ID/Ration Card/Passport/ Driving License).
  • 4  passport size photographs of both Bridegroom / Bride each
  • ​2 marriage photograph of Bride and Groom dressed in wedding outfits taken during the marriage celebrations
  • Wedding invitation Card.
  • In case of non-availability of the Wedding cards, Separate marriage affidavits of spouse and husband, in the​  format prescribed and three witnesses are required.
  • Aadhaar Card for Three witnesses will be required to get your marriage registration in Pune.
  • 2  photographs of each witness.
  • Any residential proof of each witness for online marriage registration in Pune.
  • In case of Divorcees : Divorce Decree Certificate must be produced.
  • In case of widow and widower : Municipal Death Certificate of concerned person must be produced ​. ​

how to apply for marriage certificate online in Pune

Itzeazy provides service for online marriage registration in Pune. Its hassle free and door step service .The process of Govt is offline and requires multiple visits. 

Following are the steps involved in the online marriage certificate process of  Pune

  • Understanding the requirement of the client by Itzeazy

  • Sharing the list of documents required for marriage certificate with the client by Itzeazy

  • Verification of the soft copy of the documents by Itzeazy

  • Advance payment of service charge for marriage certificate by the client

  • Collection of physical copy of the documents

  • Submission of application form along with supporting documents to the marriage registrar office

  • Fixing appointment for the visit of husband , wife and witnesses

  •  Visit of husband, wife, and witnesses to the marriage registrar's office on the day of the appointment scheduled

  • Issue of marriage certificate 

Approximate time required for the process   -  30 days

Visit required to the marriage registrar office -  Yes    

Court Marriage Registration in Pune

You can either apply for marriage registration in Pune online or in person. After the submitted application have been reviewed, the documents will be scrutinized and an appointment is made. 

At the time of appointment, the couple must present the original documents and three witnesses. It is possible to seek an official court wedding where the couple has to swear before the registrar they are accepting one another as their partners. 

The law also permits for a marriage registrar to be summoned to a home or a hall to conduct a marriage registration in Pune . 


 Marriage registrars issue public notice for 30 days following a marriage registration application to invite objections. Registrars can refuse to register marriages if anyone objects after the public notice. The Registrar General of Marriages in Pune is authorized to overrule appeals or accept the orders. The court can determine the course of action to be taken if a rejection is challenged. A marriage certificate in Pune is issued after the marriage is registered.

Now Itzeazy provides a facility to apply for online marriage registration in Pune. You can apply for court marriage with Itzeazy.

marriage registration  office  in pune

Application for marriage certificate in Pune should be submitted to the marriage registrar office in Pune. Following are the marriage registration office in Pune :

- Aundh Ward Office Indo Breman Chowk, Aundh  Body Gate, Pune-411007

- Kothrud Ward Office Golden Hind Building, Behind Paranjpe School New D.P.Road, Kothrud, Pune-411029

- Ghole Road Ward Office Near Pune Municipal Corporation Press, Ghole Road, Pune-411004

- Warje Karve Nagar Ward Office Swapnashilp Commercial Building, Pune-411038

- Dhole Patil Ward Office Dhole Patil Market Building, Pune-411001

- Yerwada Ward Office Rationing Office, Nagar road, Yerwada, Pune-411006

- Sangamwadi Ward Office Rationing Office, Nagar road, Yerwada, Pune-411006

- Bhavani Peth Ward Office General Arunkumar Vaidya Stadium Building, Bhavani Peth, Pune-411042

- Kasba Vishram Bagwada Ward Office Pune Municipal Commercial Complex, Near ShaniPar, Pune-411030

- Tilak Road Ward Office Shivajirao Dhere Udyog Bhavan, Tilak Road, Pune-411030

- Sahakarnagar Ward Office Utsav Building Corner, Near Market Yard Corner, Pune-411037

- Hadpsar Ward Office Pandit Nehru Udyog Bhavan, Hadpsar, Pune-411028

- Bibwewadi Ward Office Utsav Building Corner, Near Market yard Corner, Pune-411037

- Dhankwadi Ward Office Near Old Katraj Naka, Katraj, Pune-411046

- Joint District Registrar & Collector of Stamps Pune Urban Pushpa Heights, 2nd Floor, Bibewadi Corners, Pune-37, Pune City 020-


- Joint District Registrar & Collector of Stamps Pune Rural Pushpa Mangal, 2nd Floor, Bibewadi Corners, Pune-37, Pune Rural 020-