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Driving Licence Online Apply

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What is Driving License 

A Driving License is an official document certifying that the holder is suitably qualified to drive a motor vehicle or vehicles. Licenses are issued by the Motor Vehicles Department through its Regional and Sub Regional Transport Offices. Any individual attaining an age of 18 year can apply for Driving License.

Necessity for driving licence

The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 states that no individual will be allowed to drive a motor vehicle in a public place without a valid driving licence. Therefore, It is a punishable offence. The lowest fine for driving a vehicle without driving licence is 5000 RS and it’s a lot.

Some Important points about Driving Licence

  • No person shall drive a motor vehicle in any public place unless he holds an effective driving licence issued to him authorising him to drive the vehicle

  • No person shall drive a transport vehicle  unless his driving licence specifically entitles him so to do.

  • Driving license is issued separately for Light vehicles and Heavy vehicles and for passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles.

Age limit in connection with driving of motor vehicles

  • No person under the age of eighteen years shall drive a motor vehicle  with engine capacity exceeding 50 cc in any public place:

  • A motor cycle with engine capacity not exceeding 50cc out gear may be driven in apublic place by a person after attaining the age of sixteen years.

  • No person under the age of twenty years shall drive a transport vehicle in any public place.

Class or type of driving licence

A learner’s licence or driving licence shall be expressed as entitling the holder to drive a motor vehicle of one or more of the following classes :

  • Motor cycle without gear
  • Motor cycle with gear
  • Invalid carriage
  • Light motor vehicle
  • Transport vehicle
  • Road-roller
  • Motor vehicle of a specified description

    Apply for DL

    There are two stages of driving licence application process i.e. application for learning license and permanent driving licence. Every individual applying for driving license has to first apply for learning licence, then at least one month after issuance of learning licence, the person can apply for permanent driving license. During learning licence , the person has to clear the driving test at the concerned RTO office.

    Documents required for Learning Licence

    Following are the documents required for learning licence :

    • Form No. 1, 2, 3

    • Three 3 copies of applicant recent passport size photograph

    • Proof of residence (Passport, Ration card, Water bill, Voter's identity card ,Gas connection, Bank account statement ) .any one

    • Proof of Age (Passport, Pan Card, High School Certificate ,LIC Policy )

    • Proof of citizenship (Birth certificate , high school certificate , Passport )

    Documents required for Permanent Driving Licence 

    Following are the documents required for permanent driving licence :

    • An effective learner’s license to drive the vehicle of the type to which application relates

    • Proof of residence (Passport, Ration card, Water bill, Voter's identity card ,Gas connection, Bank account statement ) 

    • Any one Proof of Age (Passport, Pan Card, High School Certificate ,LIC Policy )

    • Proof of citizenship (Birth certificate , high school certificate , Passport )

    • Copy of recent passport size photograph

    Additions to driving licence

    Any person holding a driving licence to drive any class of motor vehicles, who is not for the time being disqualified for holding or obtaining a driving licence to drive any other class or description of motor vehicles may apply to the licensing authority for addition to driving licence for other class of vehicle .

    It should be applied to the licencing authority having jurisdiction in the area in which he resides accompanied by required documents and with requisite RTO fees .

    Driving licence cancellation

    Driving Licence issuing  authority can cancel driving licence in following circumstances :

    1. Driving Licence holder is a habitual criminal or a habitual drunkard; or
    2. Driving Licence holder is a habitual addict to any narcotic drug or psychotropic substance within the meaning of the
    3. Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985 (61 of 1985); or
    4. Driving Licence holder is using or has used a motor vehicle in the commission of a cognizable offence; or
    5. Driving Licence holder has by his previous conduct as driver of a motor vehicle shown that his driving is likely to be attended with danger to the public; or
    6. Driving Licence holder has obtained any driving licence or a licence to drive a particular class or description of motor vehicle by fraud or misrepresentation; or
    7. Driving Licence holder has committed any such act which is likely to cause nuisance or danger to the public, as may be prescribed by the Central Government, having regard to the objects of this Act; or
    8. Driving Licence holder has failed to submit to, or has not passed, the tests referred to in the proviso to sub-section (3) of section 22 of motor vehicle act; or
    9. Driving Licence holder being a person under the age of eighteen years who has been granted a learner’s licence or a driving licence with the consent in writing of the person having the care of the holder of the licence and has ceased to be in such care,

    Driving Licence renewal online

    Renewal of Driving License is required before expiry of driving licence validity. The driving license renewal process is similar to getting permanent driving license i.e. the person may not have to undergo the process of learners license preparation and driving test.

    Renewable of driving license requires the applicant to visit to concerned RTO department for Photo and signature.

    Process for Driving Licence city-wise

    Process for driving licence varies city to city . To know the exact procedure , select city from the drop down menu .