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​​​​​​​Birth certificate Agents in Chennai

Looking for birth certificate agents in Chennai who provides assistance for birth certificate in Chennai.  Process for birth certificate through Itzeazy is door step and hassle free . Our service is backed by committed SLA .

A Birth Certificate is an identity to a person It is so essential to have a Birth Certificate. It is another step to prove your citizenship. A Birth Certificate is issued by Chennai Municipal Corporation. Initially, a temporary certificate will be issued by the hospital where the baby is born. The hospital will collect the whereabouts and name of the baby has to  be in the format "baby of the mother"  in case the name is not chosen yet. In a couple of weeks, one has to fill a form with required documents along with the temporary Birth Certificate and has to submit it to the Chennai Municipal Corporation office. A minimal fee will be charged. It usually takes seven working days to issue a Birth Certificate. The form will be reviewed and you will be issued a Birth Certificate from the same office.

Benefits of birth certificate registration

Birth certificate is the first right of the child and it is one of the first identity of any child. 

There are many uses of birth certificates. Some of them are:

- For school admissions

- As proof of age for employment

- For proof of age at marriage

- To establish parentage

- To establish the age for purpose of enrollment in the Electoral rolls

- For establishing the age for insurance purposes

- For getting registered in the National population register (NPR)

Itzeazy provides assistance in :

1) New Birth certificate
 a) Birth certificate without name
 b) Birth certificate with name

2) Duplicate birth certificate 


- Submit application in the prescribed format along with supporting documents for birth certificate without name to the

  concerned office of  municipal corporation

- Deposit requisite  Govt fess 

- Get receipt for submission of application

- Collect birth certificate without name from office of municipal corporation

- Apply for birth certificate with name along with supporting documents

- Deposit requisite Govt fees

- Get receipt for submission of application

- Collect birth certificate with name from office of  municipal corporation


Itzeazy provides online and door step service in Chennai. Following are the steps involved in the online birth certificate process of Itzeazy in Chennai .

- Requirement understanding of the client

- Sharing of the list of documents required

- Verification of the soft copy of the documents

- Collection of physical copy of documents

- Advance payment by the client

- Submission of the document to the Municipal corporation office

- Time to time update to the client about the progress of the work

​- Work completion and dispatch of the document

Time required for processing     - 30 days

Physical visit of client required - No


Following are the documents required for birth certificate in Chennai

- Hospital discharge summary

- Child's Adhar card

- Child's 10th certificate if he/she has passed it 

- Parent's ID proof