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Looking for passport agency near me, Itzeazy is a reputed passport agency for passport services near you . Itzeazy is one of its kind of passport agency offering all kinds of passport services across India . We are agency of repute and trusted by thousands till date for their passport requirements . For all kinds of passport help, speak to our consultants over phone, chat or simply drop a message , we will get back to you .

We are a team of consultants who have years of experience and can advise on complex issues too. Passport applications process appears simple but inaccurate application filing and insufficient documents may lead into rejection of the passport application. As per a report of MEA the passport application  rejection ratio is 30%.

Passport application types 

  • New passport :   Application for new passport should be applied under new passport category.

  • Re-issue of passport : If there is any change in personal particulars or address then application should be filed under re-issue of passport category.

  • Renewal of passport : Validity of an adult passport is 10 years .If passport gets expired , application should be made under renewal of passport category. 

  • Duplicate passport : In case of loss or theft of passport , application should be filed under duplicate passport category.

Passport application process 

Based on urgency, passport has two types of application process 

Normal Passport 


If you don't have urgency, you can apply under normal passport category . It takes approx 25- 30 days in getting passport under normal passport category .  To get more detail information about normal passport application process click on the link

Tatkal Passport 

In case you have urgency and you need passport immediately , application for passport should be applied under tatkal process passport. It takes 3-4 days time to get passport under this scheme. To get more information about the tatkal application process , click on the link

how to apply for passport with itzeazy

The steps involved in passport application process of itzeazy is 

  • Requirement understanding of the client
  • Verification of documents required for passport
  • Advance payment by the client
  • Application filing an scheduling of appointment for document verification
  • Visit of the applicant to the passport office for document verification and photograph
  • Police  verification at the address given
  • Passport printing and dispatch of it to the address given

‚Äč'' provides seamless end to end support to the customers, right from accurate documentation, passport application, getting a convenient time slot, tracking the passport status and updating the customers proactively about the progress.


To book order or for any query or concern please speak to one of the consultants over phone or chat. You can also drop a message at  . We will get back to you shortly.

To get city specific information, process detail and passport office address select the city from the drop down list.