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My driving licence was issued from Kanpur and its paper DL . Currently I am in Mumbai. Is Driving Licence renewal from  Mumbai possible? 

Ans :  Yes, your Driving licence from Mumbai is possible . It will be 2 stage process :

1. Backlog entry  of DL data in Kanpur RTO
2. Driving Licence renewal in Mumbai

Itzeazy assists in both the cities i.e. Kanpur and Mumbai.

Is it mandatory to visit RTO office to apply for new driving licence?

Ans : Yes. Its mandatory to visit RTO office to apply for new driving licence. 

How is Itzeazy better than any other driving licence agent in Mumbai?

Ans : Itzeazy is a reputed startups in this segment and better than any other driving licence agent in Mumbai in the following aspects :

- Its guided by professional ethics
- We adhere by SLAs
- Your documents and money are safe with us
- Total peace of mind

To book order or for any query or concern please speak to one of the consultants over phone or chat. You can also write to us. We will get back to you. 

driving license mumbai
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Driving Licence Agents in Mumbai

Want to apply for driving licence Mumbai, and looking for  driving licence agents in Mumbai?  Itzeazy assists you in  driving licence Mumbai, learning licence Mumbai, International driving license Mumbai, drivers license renewal Mumbai, duplicate driving license Mumbai.     has a team of trusted driving licence agents/consultants in Mumbai.  Our team is experienced and ca handle any complex matter related to RTO. Itzeazy has well defined internal process to give you hassle free service. The service of itzeazy is backed by SLA  commitment .

In Mumbai and its surrounding area there are 7 RTOs 

- MH01 -  Mumbai central (Tardeo)

- MH02 -  Mumbai west ( Andheri)

- MH03 -  Mumbai East ( Wadala)

- MH04 -  Kalyan RTO

- MH05 -  Kalyan

- MH46 -  Vashi

- MH47 - Boriwali

Itzeazy provides driving licence service in all the RTOs.

Driving licence services provided by itzeazy in Mumbai are

- New driving Licence

- Renewal of Driving Licence  

- Duplicate driving licence 

- International Driving Licence

- NOC for Driving Licence

- Driving Licence particular

A licence may be a document that's issued by the govt. of India which states that a private is capable enough to securely drive a vehicle (two-wheeler or four-wheeler) on the road. it's important for a private to hold their driver's licence with them while riding any vehicle in India. Driving licences in Mumbai aren't regularly checked by the traffic police, but if one fails to point out it during random checks or when caught for rash driving, the traffic police have the authority to charge a penalty of Rs. 5000 or to confiscate the vehicle. Here are some steps for applying for driving licences in mumbai.

The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 states that no individual will be allowed to drive a motor vehicle in a public place without a valid driving license so having a driver's license is mandatory for driving any vehicle; two-wheeler or four-wheeler in all public areas in and around cities in India. It is a punishable offense to drive without it. Getting the license is still considered to be a tough job in India as it can be quite time-consuming but gone are the days when you had to stand in long lines or pay a hefty amount to get an agent to get it done. With the digitalization of different government services, now anyone can apply for a license online as well. So if you want to know how to get it done in jiffy read below

First, we shall discuss the basics of getting a license which is knowing that licenses are issued according to the size of the vehicle and if that vehicle is geared or not.

License for transport vehicles –

- Light motor vehicles - Cars, Jeeps, etc

- Medium passenger vehicles- Delivery vans, etc

- Medium goods vehicles - tempos, etc

- Heavy passenger vehicles - busses, etc.

- Heavy goods vehicles. Trucks, etc

License for non-transport vehicles –

- Motor vehicles with gear - Bikes, scooter, etc

- Motor vehicles without gear - Activas, Vespas 


To apply for a Driving licence in Mumbai, it's important to make sure that a you fits into all the parameters laid by the Maharashtra Transport Department –

Age - Age is one among the most important eligibility criteria -

- 16 year olds are eligible for a gearless two-wheeler licence.

- 18 year olds are eligible for a light-weight gear motorized vehicle driving license.

- 20 year olds are eligible for an important gear motorized vehicle permit.

Education - The applicant should have a minimum education up to the 8th standard.

Learner’s Licence - to use for a driver's licence in Mumbai the applicant should have a learner’s licence.

Awareness about Rules - The applicant should bear in mind of the traffic rules and regulations and must abide by them.

apply for online driving licence Mumbai

Now you can apply for online driving licence Mumbai from the comfort oof your home while Itzeazy assist you in end to end process  The steps involved in the process are :

- Share your driving licence related requirement with Itzeazy

- Share soft copy of the required documents with Itzeazy

- Make advance payment 

- Driving Licence application processing by Itzeazy 

- Scheduling of appointment at concerned RTO office in Mumbai

- Visit of the applicant to the RTO assisted by Itzeazy

- Issue of driving licence & dispatch of it by post  

New driving licence Mumbai

Getting a new Driving licence is two stage process in Mumbai . First stage is learning driving licence . Second stage is permanent driving licence . Itzeazy  facilitates in end to end process of new driving licence.

Learning licence Mumbai

First stage of new driving licence process is applying for learner's licence .   Application for learner's licence should be submitted along with supporting documents and requisite RTO fees .

After this appointment for theory test is given . On the day and time of appointment , applicant will have to under go computer based theory test . After clearing the test successfully , learning driving licence will be issued.

validity of it is 6 months .  One should apply for permanent driving licence before expiry of this .

Permanent driving licence Mumbai

Second stage of driving licence process is permanent driving licence . It can be applied after 30 days from the date of issue of learning driving licence . Again application form along with supporting documents and requisite RTO fees should be submitted to the RTO .

After this appointment for  driving test is given . On the day and time of appointment applicant will have to undergo through driving test .  After clearing the test successfully , driving licence will be issued to the applicant.

documents required for new driving licence in Mumbai

1) Address proof 

- Voter Id card

- Passport

- BSNL/MTNL telephone bill

- Electricity bill

- Aadhar card

2) Date of birth proof

- Birth certificate

- 10th certificate

- PAN card

- Passport 

3) Two passport size photographs

Time required for processing - 30 days

RTO visit required                  - Yes


To apply for a driver's license in Mumbai online, follow the steps mentioned below -

- Go to the official portal of Maharashtra Transport Department             https://transport.maharashtra.gov.in/

- Download the appliance form, under the license menu. The applicant will must get a printout of the appliance form.

- Fill the shape with all details and connect the documents required for getting driving licence.

- Find the closest RTO and submit the appliance form together with the mandated documents to the official.

- Book a slot for your driving test at the RTO.

- On the designated date, appear for the test. After passing the test, the applicant will receive their licence in 2-3 weeks.

Documents required for permanent driving licence in Mumbai

1.    Form – 4
2.    An effective Learners License (original)
3.    copy of applicant recent passport size photograph
4.    Driving certificate, Form – 5,14 & 15 (for transport vehicles license)
5.    Prescribed fee as specified in Rule-32 of CMVR, 1989.

drivers license renewal Mumbai 

There is provision for renewal of driving licence once it expires  as per motor vehicle act . Driving licence can be renewed from the same RTO from where Driving licence was issued . So only those driving licences which were issued from RTos in Mumbai can be renewed in Mumbai . 

Driving licence can be renewed before 1 month of the expiry of the driving licence .   There is grace period of 1 month for  the renewal of driving licence once it expires. There is late fine of Rs. 1000 after the expiry of the driving licence .

Itzeazy facilitates in the driving licence renewal process .

documents required for drivers license renewal Mumbai

1) Old Driving License

2) Current address proof

- Voter Id card

- Passport

- BSNL/MTNL telephone bill

- Electricity bill

- Aadhar card

3) 2 passport size photograph

Time required for processing - 15 days

RTO visit required                   - Yes

duplicate driving licence Mumbai

In case of loss or theft of original driving licence or if it gets torn or mutilated , you can apply for duplicate driving licence in Mumbai . Application for duplicate driving licence should be submitted to the RTO from where Driving licence was issued originally. 

itzeazy provides assistance in duplicate driving licence process in Mumbai

Documents required for duplicate driving licence mumbai

Following are the documents required for duplicate driving licence Mumbai :

1) Copy of Driving Licence

2) Copy of current address proof 

- Voter Id card

- Passport

- BSNL/MTNL telephone bill

- Electricity bill

- Aadhar card

3) 2 passport size photograph

Time required for processing - 15 days

RTO visit required                   - Yes ( visit not required if DL was smart card & address is same )

International Driving License Mumbai

If you are going abroad and want to drive vehicle there , international driving licence would be required . International driving licence is issued by the same RTO from where driving licence was issued .

Itzeazy is specialised  in international driving licence service .

documents required for international driving license  Mumbai

- Original Driving License

- Original passport

- Valid visa

- Travel ticket

Time required for processing - 2 days

RTO visit required                   - Yes

Addition of another class of motor vehicle

Any person holding a driving licence to drive any class or description of motor vehicles, who is not for the time being disqualified for holding or obtaining a driving licence to drive any other class or description of motor vehicles, may apply to the licensing authority having jurisdiction in the area in which he resides or carries on his business in such form and accompanied by such documents and with such fees as may be prescribed by the Central Government under Rule-32 of CMVR, 1989.

Documents required for addition of another class of vehicle

- Application for the addition of a new class, Form – 8

- An effective Lerner’s License (original)

- An effective driving license (original)

- Driving certificate, Form – 5, 14 & 15 (for transport vehicles license)

- Prescribed fee 


Following is the driving licence fees structure for different application types of driving licence in Mumbai


- Issue of learner’s licence in Form 3 for each class of vehicle   - Rs. 150

- Learner’s licence test fee                                                              - Rs. 50

- For test, of competence to drive (for each class of vehicle)      - Rs. 300

- Issue of a driving licence                                                               - Rs. 200 

- Issue of International Driving Permit                                           - Rs. 1000  

- Renewal of driving licence                                                            - Rs. 200


Regional Transport Office
Old bodyguard lane, Tulsiwadi, Tardeo,
Mumbai - 400 034

Regional Transport Office
111 - D, Ambivali village,
New manish nagar, Versova road,
Mumbai- 400 053.

Regional Transport Office
B - 2, 3rd floor, Wadala truck terminals,
Wadala, Mumbai -400037.

THANE RTO office, MH04
Regional Transport Office
Opp. Central Jail, Thane - 400 601.

KALYAN RTO office, MH05
Dy. Regional Transport Office
Sahyadri Nagar , Chikanghar,
Near Birla School, Kalyan (W)
Dist. - Thane , Pin.421301

VASHI RTO office, MH43
Dy. Regional Transport Office
T Block, Sector 19B APMC Market Vashi.
New Mumbai - 400705