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hp termination mumbai faq
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How to check hypothecation cancellation online or how to check hypothecation of vehicle online ?

Ans : You can check status of hypothecation of vehicle by sending SMS to the mobile no. - 7738299899 . Format of the SMS is VAHAN space  vehicle no   . So suppose the vehicle no. is KA01CX1133 , then the  SMS format should be VAHAN KA01CX1133. This SMS should be sent to no.  7738299899 . You will get an SMS . It will show the status of hypothecation cancellation.

My car is registered in Andheri RTO in my name . I have time constraint . Is it mandatory for registered owner to visit RTO for hypothecation removal process ?

Ans : For hypothecation removal process in Mumbai , visit of registered owner is not mandatory . Itzeazy provides door step service for hypothecation removal from RC in Mumbai and its adjoining area . Just you need to provide us required documents , We will get the  complete work done .

My bike is registered in Thane RTO . Right now I am in Bangalore . How will I get my RC back  after hypothecation removal from RTO ?

Ans : In Mumbai RC is being delivered by post to the address mentioned on the RC book . Though visit of registered owner to the RTO is not mandatory for hypothecation removal process, it should be ensured that someone should be able to receive your RC at the registered address after work completion. 

I have a car which is registered in Wadala RTO . Its under hypothecation and loan is continuing . To sell car will I have to close loan first ?

Ans : Yes. With loan running on the vehicle you can not sell your car . So, for transfer of ownership process loan has to be closed first . 

How can I endorse the hypothecation and its deletion?

Ans:  If a vehicle is purchased on loan from a financier the same could be endorsed in the registration certificate. The following are the documents required:

1. Registration certificate in original

2. Two copies Form no.34 duly filled (for endorsement of Hypothecation).

3. A certificate from financier for having retained full dues from the financier (for deletion case only).

4. Self Attested copy of valid insurance.

5. Self Attested copy of address proof of the registered owner.

6. Self Attested copy of valid pollution under control certificate.

7. Prescribed fee.

8. Self Attested copy of PAN Card or Form 60 & 61(as applicable)

​​​​​​​ Hypothecation removal in Mumbai  

Want to do Hypothecation removal in Mumbai, Itzeazy provides support for hypothecation removal process in Mumbai . Hypothecation termination is the process of removing hypothecation from the RC in the RTO records of the concerned RTO . If you have purchased your vehicle on loan and its registered in Mumbai RTO, hypothecation termination from RC is to be done after you re-paid your loan fully . In this article we will discuss process for hypothecation removal in Mumbai, documents required for hypothecation removal in Mumbai.

Itzeazy provides door step service for HP cancellation . Its door step & hassle free service .  Following are the RTOs in Mumbai & its adjoining area where Itzeazy provides services :

Tardeo RTO (Mumbai Central - MH 01)

​Andheri RTO (Mumbai West -MH 02)

​Wadala RTO (Mumbai East-MH 03)

Thane RTO (MH04)

​​Kalyan RTO(MH 05)

​Vashi RTO - Navi Mumbai (MH 43)

​Vasai RTO (MH 48)

Panvel RTO

​For more information on the RTO offices and its addresses please visit page RTO Mumbai


How to do hypothecation removal in Mumbai

If you have purchased vehicle on loan , In the RTO records vehicle will be shown hypothecated to the particular financier . Once you re-pay loan fully , hypothecation has to be removed from the RTO records. Process for removing hypothecation(HP) from RC is called hypthecation termination or hypothecation cancellation . 

Following are the steps involved  in hypothecation process in Mumbai :

  • Collect form 35 & NOC from the bank or the financier

  • Arrange required supporting documents which needs to be submitted to the RTO

  • Submit the application for hypothecation termination to the RTO in Mumbai where the vehicle is registered

  • Pay the requisite government fees

  • Process takes approx. one month to complete

  • RC after HP removal will be dispatched to the registered address   

Documents Required for Hypothecation termination in Mumbai

Following are the documents required for hypothecation termination in Mumbai :

  1. Form no. 35 duly filled
  2. A certificate from financier for having retained full dues from the financier (for deletion case only)
  3. Original RC
  4. Copy of Valid insurance
  5. Copy of valid pollution under control certificate
  6. Address proof

what is form 35 RTO

If you have purchased vehicle on loan from bank or some financial institution , while registering vehicle in the RTO , in RTO records vehicle is shown as hypothecated to that particular bank . Hypothecation is to be removed from RC in the RTO records , once loan is re-paid fully . 

Bank or the financial institution provides 2 sets of form35 and NOC for the termination of loan from the vehicle . Normally this form 35 is given by the bank . However , some banks ask registered owner of the vehicle to bring form 35 .To download form 35 pls visit  page RTO forms