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I am shifting from Pune to Bangalore . There is hypothecation on my vehicle . I want to apply for NOC to transfer my bike to Bangalore . Is it necessary to remove hypothecation ?

Ans : There can be two scenario :

1. Loan is repaid fully - Go for HP cancellation and NOC from Pune to Bangalore

2. Loan is continuing - Get the loan continuation letter from Bank and apply for NOC for the bike from Pune to Bangalore with loan continuation 

I bought my car on loan and its registered in Pune RTO . Currently I don't live at the address mentioned on the RC book . What should I do ?

Ans : In Pune RTO , RC gets delivered by post to the address mentioned on the RC after hypothecation removal process . So , ensure that someone can receive your RC at the registered address . Or else you can go for address change on RC along with HP termination .

My vehicle registered in Pune RTO . Currently I am living in Pimpri chinchwad area . Can I submit HP termination documents at Pimpri Chinchwad RTO ?

Ans : Application for hypothecation removal should be submitted only to the RTO where the vehicle is registered . So if your vehicle is registered at Pune RTO, application should be submitted to the Pune RTO only.  

Can I remove hypothecation from my bike online which is registered at Pune RTO ?

Ans : Government process for hypothecation removal is not online in Pune . Its offline process . However, Itzeazy provides online service for hypothecation removal from RC in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad area .    

hp termination pune faq
hp termination pune faq

RTO Hypothecation Removal Process Online in Pune

Want to do RTO hypothecation removal process online in Pune, Itzeazy provides support for  Hypothecation termination process in Pune RTO . HP termination or HP cancellation from RC book is to be done in Pune RTO, if you have bought vehicle on loan from bank or financial institution once you re pay your loan. Hypothecation removal process is must otherwise vehicle  will be continued showing under hypothecation. In this article we will discuss process for hypothecation removal in Pune  documents required for hypothecation removal in Pune.

Application for hypothecation removal should be submitted to the RTO where vehicle is registered.

​Following are the RTOs in Pune :

38. Dr. Ambedkar Road,
Near Sangam Bridge,
Pune 411 001

Pimpari - Chincwad
Near Town Planning Pradhikaran,
Nigdi, Pimpri - Chinchwad.
Pune - 411019.

Itzeazy provides online service for hypothecation removal from RC of the vehicle in Pune . Its door step and hassle free service. Thousands of vehicle owners have availed the service of Itzeazy . There is SLA commitment and money back guarantee.  

​​Hypothecation removal process in Pune

If you have bought your vehicle through loan from bank or financial institution, hypothecation from RC should be removed , once you re-pay loan completely . After closure of the loan, bank provides form 35 & NOC .

Following are the steps involved in hypothecation removal from RC in Pune

  • Arrange form 35 & NOC from the bank or the financial institution

  • Get the signature of registered owner on the form 35

  • Submit application along with supporting documents and original RC to the concerned RTO where vehicle is registered

  • Deposit the requisite government  fees to the RTO office

  • Process for HP deletion takes approx 1 month time

  • After work completion RC will be dispatched to the address of the registered owner by post   

To download the form 35 , please visit

Documents Required for hypothecation removal in Pune RTO

Following are the documents required for hypothecation removal in Pune RTO : 

  1. Form no. 35 duly filled (Photograph of applicant, thumb impression, duly attested by notary or by any other authorized person on  (form 34 or 35)).
  2. A certificate from financier for having retained full dues from the financier (for deletion case only)
  3. Original RC
  4. Copy of Valid insurance
  5. Copy of valid pollution under control certificate
  6. Address proof

how to apply for hypothecation termination online with Itzeazy

Itzeazy provides door step service for hypothecation termination from RC book in Pune . Following are the steps involved in online service of Itzeazy :

  • Tell the service representative of itzeazy your exact requirement

  • Itzeazy team will share required documents list over mail based on your case

  • Share soft copy of the documents on mail with Itzeazy

  • Itzeazy will verify your documents 

  • If all documents are OK , documents will be collected from door step

  • Advance payment is to be made by the client 

  • Application for hypothecation deletion will be submitted by Itzeazy to the concerned RTO

  • Work completion will take approx 1 month time

  • RC will be dispatched to the address of registered owner by post 

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