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My car is registered in Delhi .I have been shifted to Bangalore now. Is my physical presence or vehicle presence is required to get NOC for car Delhi ?

Ans : No, Your presence or vehicle presence is not required to apply for NOC for car in Delhi.  

I want to apply for NOC for bike in Delhi. There is loan on the bike . What would be the procedure to get NOC for bike?

Ans : Since there is loan running on the bike, first you need to take NOC from the bank. This NOC from the bank along with application for bike NOC  in Delhi should be submitted to the RTO for bike NOC in Delhi. 

I have 10 year old diesel car registered in Delhi. I want to apply for NOC for West Bengal . Can I do so ?

Ans : If your diesel car is more than 10 year old then NOC for car in Delhi can be issued for West Bengal except Kolkota. For more information on the states for which NOC for car in Delhi can be issued , which  more than 10 year old and fuel type is diesel , pls contact Itzeazy team. 

Is Adhaar mandatory to get vehicle NOC from Delhi?

Yes in the new online process of RTO Delhi, Adhaar is mandatory to get vehicle NOC from Delhi . In your Adhaar mobile no. should be updated because to initiate the process OTP goes to the mobile no. which is linked with Aadhar no. 

vehicle noc delhi faq
vehicle noc delhi faq
vehicle noc delhi faq
vehicle noc delhi

​​​​Delhi RTO NOC online

Looking for vehicle NOC from Delhi RTO online? Itzeazy provides service for Delhi RTO NOC online. Types of NOC can be car NOC Delhi or Bike NOC Delhi or NOC for vehicle transfer from Delhi to other state. NOC of the vehicle from Delhi RTO is required,  if you are moving your vehicle from Delhi to another state. The purpose of taking NOC from Delhi RTO could be  either you are shifting to other state or you are selling your vehicle to a person who resides in a other state .

Itzeazy facilitates in getting NOC for vehicle transfer from Delhi. Process in online  and service is door-step.  You don't need to go anywhere  . To initiate process consult one of our consultant over phone or  chat .

In Delhi 15 year old petrol vehicle and 10 year old diesel vehicle is banned . NOC for car in Delhi or NOC for bike in Delhi can be issued only for the selected destinations. once validity gets  expired.

delhi RTO NOC online

Following are the steps involved in Delhi RTO NOC online process of Itzeazy :

  • Requirement understanding of the client

  • Sharing of the list of documents required

  • Verification of the soft copy of the documents

  • Advance payment by the client

  • Online form 28 generation and sharing it with the client 

  • Collection of physical copy of documents

  • Submission of the document to the RTO 

  • Time to time update to the client about the progress of the work

  • Work completion and dispatch of the document

Documents required for NOC of bike/ car in Delhi

Following are the documents required for car NOC Delhi or bike NOC Delhi :

  • Application on Form 28
  • Copy of  RC
  • Copy of Valid insurance
  • Copy of valid pollution certificate
  • Copy of Aadhar card of registered owner
  • Upto date payment of Road tax
  • Crime Report of  N.C.R.B.


Application for NOC for vehicle in Delhi should be submitted to the respective RTO where vehicle is registered. So before starting vehicle NOC process identify where it is registered. 

In Delhi following are the 13 RTOs :  

Mall Road RTO, DL01
Transport Department,
North Zone, Mall Road,
New Delhi

IP Depot RTO, DL02
Transport Department,
New Delhi Zonal Office,
IP Estate, Near DTC Depot,
New Delhi.

Siekh Sarai RTO, DL03
South Delhi Zonal Office,
Transport Department,
2ND Floor, DDA Market,
Sheikh Sarai,
New Delhi

Janakpuri RTO, DL04
West Delhi Zonal Office,
Transport Department,
Community Center,
B-Block, Ground Floor,
Janakpuri, New Delhi

Loni Road RTO, DL05
North East Delhi Zonal Office,
Transport Department,
Loni Road, Near Power House,
Shahdara, New Delhi

Sarai Kale Khan RTO, DL06
Transport Department,
Central Delhi Zonal Office,
ISBT, Sarai Kale Khan, New Delhi

Mayur Vihar RTO, DL07
Transport Department,
East Zonal Office,
DTC Depot,
Mayur Vihar PH-I, New Delhi

Wazirpur RTO, DL08
North-West Zonal Office,
DTC Depot,
Wazirpur, New Delhi

Palam RTO, DL09
Transport Department,
DTC depot,
Dwarka sector-10, New Delhi

Raja Garden RTO, DL10
Transport Department,
DTC Depot,
Raja Garden ,New Delhi

Rohini RTO, DL11
DTC Depot,
Rohini , New Delhi

Vasant Vihar RTO, DL12
Trasport Department, South-West District,
DTC Depot,
Vasant Vihar, New Delhi

Surjmal Vihar RTO, DL13
Transport Department, CBD Ground,
Surajmal Vihar , New Delhi

For more information on Delhi RTO office and its timings please refer  the link  Delhi RTO 

RTO Rules regarding 10 year old diesel vehicle :

10 year old diesel vehicle can not run on Delhi Roads . There are RTO guidelines for such vehicles .

  1. There is ban on 10 year old diesel vehicles in Delhi as per the National Green Tribunal orders (NGT).
  2. !0 year old diesel vehicles automatically gets deregistered after 10 years from the registration date. 
  3. In the RTO no transaction is allowed on such vehicles except HP Termination and  NOC for vehicle transfer to other state. 
  4. Duplicate RC, Transfer of ownership is not allowed on such vehicle.
  5. NOC can be issued only for selected districts in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and West Bengal.

 RTO rules regarding 15 year old petrol vehicle :

  1. 15 year old petrol vehicle can not run on Delhi roads as per NGT orders
  2. 15 year old petrol vehicle registered in Delhi automatically gets de-registered after 15 years. 
  3. No transaction can take place on such vehicles such as vehicle NOC, HP termination, Duplicate RC, transfer of ownership etc.  

NOC Cancellation

If you have taken your vehicle NOC from Delhi and later you changed your plan or it was issued for wrong place , then you need to cancel this NOC. Its 2 stage process :

1. Get Non utilization certificate or non-migration certificate from the RTO for which NOC was issued

2. Submit the RC, NOC and non utilization certificate to the parent RTO. 

​Lets assume you have taken NOC from Delhi to Bangalore . Now you want to cancel this NOC. In this case you will have to get Non migration certificate from Bangalore and then cancellation of NOC will be done in Delhi.

Itzeazy facilitates in both the processes.

​In Delhi, for NOC cancellation vehicle inspection is mandatory.

RTO Forms for NOC 

1. Form 28 

2. Form 35 ( If vehicle was on loan and it has been paid off )

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