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I want to apply for NOC for car which is registered in Faridabad . There was loan on the car and it has been paid off. What would be the procedure to get NOC ?

Ans : It will be two stage process :

  1. HP termination  
  2. NOC for car

First application for HP termination should be submitted to Faridabad RTO . Once HP termination process is done application for NOC should be submitted.  

What is the validity period of NOC for bike?

Ans: There is no validity period defined for NOC for bike. Its valid till you re-register your bike to the RTO for which you have taken NOC . The NOC issued should be submitted to the RTO within one month of time otherwise there is late fine.   

​​​​Online NOC for vehicle Faridabad 

Be it online NOC for car in Faridabad / online NOC for bike in Faridabad/ online NOC for vehicle in Faridabad , only Itzeazy can help and support you while you relax at home. Vehicle  NOC from Faridabad RTO is required if you are moving your vehicle to the jurisdiction of  some other RTO . Itzeazy provides hassle free door step service for NOC of the vehicle (car/bike) . In this article we will discuss process to get NOC for vehicle in Faridabad, documents required for NOc of the vehicle in Faridabad and other basic information required to get NOC from Faridabad RTO.

In Faridabad there are 3 RTOs . 

  • Faridabad RTO (HR51)
  • Ballabhgarh RTO (HR9)
  • Faridabad commercial RTO (HR38)

The movement can be within Haryana or out of Haryana . Movement of vehicle can  be for two reasons :

  1. Change in place of residence
  2. Sell/ purchase of vehicle 

How to apply for vehicle NOC from Faridabad

Following are the steps involved in getting NOC from Faridabad RTO :

  • Completing forms for NOC

  • Arranging supporting documents

  • Arranging crime report

  • Submission of application for NOC to the Faridabad RTO

  • Processing of NOC application

  • Issue of NOC

  • Collection of physical copy of NOC from Faridabad RTO  

Time required  - 1 month 

documents required for NOC of the vehicle in Faridabad

Following are the documents required for NOC of the vehicle in Faridabad :

  • Application on Form 28

  • Original RC

  • Upto date payment of Road tax

  • Residential Certificate (voter card/ passport/ telephone/electricity bill/ration card) etc. attach any two attested copies

  • Valid insurance copy

  • Pollution photo copy

  • Crime Report of N.C.R.B.

RTO offices in Faridabad

Following are the RTO offices in Faridabad. Application for NOC should be submitted to the RTO office in Faridabad where vehicle is registered.  

RTO Faridabad, HR51
Tehsil court compound


RTO Ballabgarh, HR29
The Regional Transport Officer ( RTO )

RLA cum SDM Panchayat Bhawan
Near Aggarwal Dharamshala

For more information on documents requirement, RTO fees in RTO Faridabad visit RTO Faridabad

RTO Rules regarding 10 year old diesel vehicle 

10 year old diesel vehicle can not run on Faridabad Roads . There are RTO guidelines for such vehicles .

  1. There is ban on 10 year old diesel vehicles as per the National Green Tribunal orders (NGT).
  2. In the RTO no transaction is allowed on such vehicles except HP Termination and  NOC for vehicle transfer to other state. 
  3. Duplicate RC, Transfer of ownership is not allowed on such vehicle.

RTO rules regarding 15 year old petrol vehicle 

  1. 15 year old petrol vehicle can not run on Faridabad roads as per NGT orders
  2. 15 year old petrol vehicle registered in Faridabad automatically gets de-registered after 15 years. 
  3. No transaction can take place on such vehicles such as vehicle NOC, HP termination, Duplicate RC, transfer of ownership etc.