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How can I get NOC for my car online registered in Hyderabad ?

Ans : As of now process to get NOC for car is not online in Hyderabad RTO .  Application form along with supporting documents need to be submitted  to RTO in Hyderabad physically. After completion of the work , NOC needs to be collected physically .

However , Itzeazy has online process for NOC of the vehicle registered at Hyderabad RTO . Its door step service . Book your order online and Itzeazy will take care of entire process .

I am applying for NOC of my bike from Hyderabad RTO . Will I get back my original RC along with NOC ?

Ans : To get NOC for bike from Hyderabad RTO , its mandatory to submit original RC. Hyderabad RTO keeps back original RC. They issue RC extract in lieu of the original RC and give it along with NOC of the vehicle. For re-registration purpose this RC extract is sufficient.

I have been shifted from Hyderabad to Bangalore . I need to take NOC for my car which is Hyderabad registered . There was loan on the car which has been re-paid . Do I need to visit Hyderabad physically ?

Ans : If vehicle is registered in Hyderabad and there is loan on it . Before applying for NOC of the vehicle , HP must be terminated . If the photograph of registered owner is not there on the RC , then for HP deletion process registered owner has to visit RTO . Its mandatory.

My car is registered in Rangareddy district , Telangana . There is loan running on it . Now I need NOC for car to Pune . What Should I do ?

Ans : You will have have to take NOC from bank which is also called loan continuation letter before applying for NOC for your car in the RTO . Application for NOC along with other supporting documents and loan continuation letter is to be the submitted to the concerned RTO where vehicle is registered . Requisite RTO fees is to be deposited . After completing formalities , application will be processed and NOC will be issued.


​TS-01   Adilabad district
TS-02   Karimnagar district
TS-03   Warangal Urban district
TS-04   Khammam district
TS-05   Nalgonda district
TS-06   Mahbubnagar district
TS-07   Ranga Reddy
TS-08   Medchal-Malkajgiri District
TS-09   Hyderabad Central
TS-10   Hyderabad North
TS-11   Hyderabad East
TS-12   Hyderabad South
TS-13   Hyderabad West
TS-14   Reserved for Hyderabad
TS-15   Sangareddy district
TS-16   Nizamabad district
TS-17   Kamareddy district
TS-18   Nirmal district
TS-19   Mancherial district
TS-20   Kumaram Bheem Asifabad district
TS-21   Jagtial district
TS-22   Peddapalli district
TS-23   Sircilla district
TS-24   Warangal (rural) district
TS-25   Jayashankar Bhupalpally district
TS-26   Mahabubabad district
TS-27   Jangaon district
TS-28   Bhadradri Kothagudem district
TS-29   Suryapet district
TS-30   Yadadri Bhuvanagiri district
TS-31   Nagarkurnool district
TS-32   Wanaparthy district
TS-33   Jogulamba Gadwal district
TS-34   Vikarabad district
TS-35   Medak district
TS-36   Siddipet district​

How to get NOC for two-wheeler offline ?

Following are the steps to get NOC : 

- To begin the NOC process, you (the vehicle owner) need to visit the local RTO personally.

- You need to ask for form 28, which you should duly fill. You would be asked to provide basic details such as your name, address, contact number, vehicle registration number, driving license number and so on.

- The completed form should be submitted along with the documents mentioned in the form.

- You also have to pay a small fee along with the application form.

- After you submit the application, the RTO gets in touch with the local police to verify whether or not your vehicle has been involved in any traffic law violations or criminal case in the past.

- In the absence of any outstanding dues or Department Statutory Action (DSA) cases pending against your bike, the RTO obtains a clearance and your NOC is issued.

Will my vehicle’s registration in the Hyderabad RTO be valid if I obtain NOC to move my vehicle from Hyderabad to another state but do not complete the process of re-registration?

Ans : Vehicle's registration in original RTO is not valid, once NOC for the vehicle is issued. You can not approach RTO for any service like duplicate RC, fitness, ownership transfer. Its advisable to re-register the vehicle to new RTO as soon as possible. If RC or NOC gets lost in between , its very complicated scenario .  

Is crime report mandatory for getting NOC of the vehicle? Will I have to arrange it myself or Itzeazy will arrange it me ?

Ans : Crime report is mandatory  for getting NOC . You can get it from police commissioner office. If you book order with Itzeazy, we will arrange it for you.

How much road tax I will have to pay in the state where I am moving vehicle ?

Ans : Once you get NOC from Hyderabad , you need to pay road tax in the city where you have moved your vehicle and also need to do re-registration of vehicle. Road tax amount will depend on the road tax rate for that particular vehicle category and  should be paid on the depreciated value of the vehicle. It will be for remaining life time period of the vehicle. To know the road tax amount to be paid click on the link road tax

To place an order, or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of our consultants via phone or chat. You can also leave a message. We will contact you shortly. 

​​​​​​​NOC for  Bike/ Car Hyderabad

Looking for online NOC for bike in Hyderabad or online NOC for car in Hyderabad, Itzeazy provides service for  Hyderabad RTO NOC for vehicle in all the RTOs of Hyderabad and Rangareddy and Medchal. If your vehicle is registered with the Hyderabad RTO and you are moving it to another RTO jurisdiction, a NOC is required. Form 28 is required for NOC. In this article, we will discuss the process for obtaining a NOC for a vehicle in Hyderabad, as well as the documents required for obtaining a NOC for a vehicle in Hyderabad.

What is a No Objection Certificate (NOC) ?

 What is a NOC; it is a no objection certificate that is being issued by RTO to the vehicle owners while they shift from one state to another. It is a legal document from the former state RTO that would be required for reregistration at new state. You won’t be requiring this if you are not planning to stay at your transferred location for longer duration. For your information, you do not require any NOC if you are using the vehicle in a new state or union territory for less than 3 months. 

But if you are planning to move into a new state or union territory for a time period over a year, then it is mandatory to change the registration of your vehicle at the new RTO as per law. Though this rule is not strictly followed in various cities, we should always be in the safe side avoiding hustles while claiming insurances!!NOC verifies that there would are no challans or any other dues that the owner of the vehicle needs to pay.

In Hyderabad  and Rangareddy district there can be two possible scenarios under which you may require NOC :

- Your current residence address falls under different RTO 

- You sold your vehicle to someone whose address falls under a different RTO than your current one.

NOC for vehicle in Hyderabad is of two types :

- Local NOC - Required for vehicle transfer within Telangana

- Interstate NOC - Required for vehicle transfer outside Telangana

Application for NOC of the vehicle is to be submitted to the RTO where vehicle is registered.

In Hyderabad & Rangareddy district there are six RTOs

Hyderabad (Central)  - TS09

Hyderabad (North)     -  TS10

Hyderabad (South)     -  TS12

Hyderabad (East)        -  TS11

Hyderabad (West)       -  TS13

Rangareddy                  -  TS07 

For detail address of the RTO refer page  RTO Hyderabad

Before applying for duplicate RC , ascertain  where the vehicle is registered . Process varies from RTO to RTO. 

Itzeazy provides NOC for vehicles in all RTOs in Hyderabad. We have a team of experienced consultants who can handle any RTO-related issue. Itzeazy's service is door step and hassle-free, with a guaranteed SLA.

how to apply for vehicle(Car/Bike ) NOC in Hyderabad online

Following are the steps followed by Itzeazy for vehicle  NOC in Hyderabad 

- Understanding the requirement of the client

- Sharing the list of documents required for vehicle NOC by Itzeazy

- Verification of the soft copy of the documents

​- Collection of the physical copy of the documents 

- Advance payment of service charge by the client (online)

- Submission of the documents to the concerned RTO in Hyderabad

- Work completion and dispatch of RC

Approximate Processing time  - 15 days

RTO visit Required                        -  Yes ( If HP deletion is there , check with our team )

Documents required for NOC of vehicle in Hyderabad ( No Loan )

Following are the documents required for vehicle NOC in Hyderabad when there is no loan on vehicle : 

1 - 4 nos. of Application on Form 28 along with pencil impression of chachis no

2 - Certificate of Registration

3 - Certificate of Insurance

4 - Evidence of Payment of Motor Vehicle Tax upto date

5 - Pollution Under Control Certificate.

6 - Police Verification Certificate


Following are the documents required for vehicle NOC in Hyderabad when there was loan on vehicle and HP cancellation has to be done at RTO  : 

1 - 4 nos. of Application on Form 28 along with pencil impression of chachis no

2 - Certificate of Registration

3 - Certificate of Insurance

4 - Evidence of Payment of Motor Vehicle Tax upto date

5 - Pollution Under Control Certificate.

6 - Police Verification Certificate

7 - 2 nos. of Form no. 35 duly filled & signed by registered owner 

8 - A certificate from financier (Bank) for having retained full dues 


 Following are the documents required for vehicle NOC in Hyderabad when there is no loan on vehicle and it is continuing :


1 - 4 nos. of Application on Form 28 along with pencil impression of chachis no

2 - Certificate of Registration

3 - Certificate of Insurance

4 - Evidence of Payment of Motor Vehicle Tax upto date

5 - Pollution Under Control Certificate.

6 - Police Verification Certificate

7 - Loan continuation letter from bank

To download forms please visit page rto-forms

Whom to apply for crime report in Hyderabad ?

To obtain N.O.C one has to apply to Dy. Commissioner of Police, Traffic Branch, Police Control Room, near Lal Bahadur Stadium, Hyderabad to obtain N.O.C in respect of Traffic violations and also apply to Dy. Commissioner of Police, Detective Department, Central Crime Station, Police Control Room, Lal Bahadur Stadium, Hyderabad in respect of criminal records.

What is the procedure to apply for crime report ?

1. You can apply to the Dy.Commissioner of Police, Traffic Branch Hyderabad for N.O.C. for your vehicle for traffic violations.

2. Also, the person must apply for N.O.C. from a crime point of view to the Dy.Commissioner Police, Detective Department Hyderabad in writing. Include Xerox copy R.C. Book of vehicle and receipt for Rs.100/e' challan. Here, he must appear in person.

3. At the time of applying for the N.O.C., the candidate must show the original R.C. book from the vehicle. 4. The N.O.C should be obtained by the owner. He/she must also submit it to the R.T.A. office with the relevant form in order to have the vehicle transferred to another state.

where to submit application for noc IN HYDERABAD

In Hyderabad & Rangareddy district there are six RTOs. Application for NOC should be submitted to the respective RTO where vehicle is registered.   

Hyderabad (North)   -  TS10
Secunderabad, Hyderabad,
Telangana - 500003

Hyderabad (South)   -  TS12
Kisanbagh, Hyderabad,
Telangana - 500064

Hyderabad (East)     -  TS11
Malakpet, Hyderabad,
Telangana - 500036

Hyderabad (West)    -  TS13
Tolichowki, Hyderabad,
Telangana - 500008

Hyderabad (Central) - TS09
Khairatabad, Hyderabad,
Telangana - 500004

Rangareddy              - TS07 
Petbasheerabad, Quthbullapur (m)
Rangareddy Dist.

NOC cancellation

Once  owner of the vehicle takes NOC on his request, then the vehicle will be treated de registered in the software system. The owner must re register the vehicle at the office of destination place within one month form the date of issue of NOC. RTO can re-register the vehicle as per their state policy.  If the owner of the vehicle does not re register within time period, he/ she can cancel NOC issued.

 The vehicle NOC can be cancelled subject to fulfil the following conditions :-

- The vehicle owner may submit the no dues and no utilization of NOC certificate obtained from the destination RTO.

- The vehicle owner may submit the original NOC, original registration certificate, valid insurance of self attested copies. 

- The owner may submit the undertaking regarding vehicle not involve in court case/ crime case/ challan/ superdari nama/ surety etc. 

The owner may submit the appropriate reason for not registering the vehicle at destination RTO and vehicle should be produced for physical inspection along with Form 20.

RTO forms for vehicle NOC 

- From 28

- Form 35 (If vehicle was under loan/ hypothecation and it has been paid off )