NOC for  vehicle(Car/Bike)  in Bangalore, Karnataka  

Looking for NOC for bike in Bangalore  or  NOC for car in Bangalore ? Itzeazy provides services for NOC for vehicle in Bangalore.  NOC for vehicle(car/bike) in Bangalore  is required , if you are planning to move your vehicle from Bangalore to other city in Karnataka or moving your vehicle from Karnataka to other state . Itzeazy assists in getting  NOC for vehicle from Bangalore  . Process of Itzeazy is online . Its hassle free and door step service. In the following articles it is explained how to apply for NOC of the vehicle on line, what are the documents required for NOC of the vehicle .  In this article we will discuss process for NOC for vehicle in Bangalore, Documents required for NOC of the vehicle in Bangalore, Validity of NOC, RTO offices in Bangalore etc. 

Following are the RTOs in Bangalore where Itzeazy provides hassle free door step service 

  • KORMANGALA RTO        - Bangalore Central (KA-01)
  • RAJAJI NAGAR RTO       - Bangalore west (KA-02)
  • INDIRA NAGAR RTO       - Banaglore East (KA-03)
  • YESHWANTPUR RTO      - Bangalore North (KA-04)
  • JAYANAGAR RTO            - Bangalore South (KA-05)
  • ELECTRONIC CITY RTO - Electronic city (KA-51)
  • YELAHANK RTO              - Yelahank ( KA-50)
  • K.R.PURAM RTO              - K. R. Puram (KA-53),

What is NOC for vehicle(car/bike)

The full form of NOC is No objection certificate . It is issued by the concerned  RTO where vehicle is registered . 

NOC is required to transfer  vehicle from one RTO area to another RTO . Please note that NOC is required for inter RTO ownership transfer within Karnataka state. Its also called clearance certificate or CC such case . However in case of  bike there is no requirement of clearance certificate.

NOC is clearance given by the parent RTO where vehicle is registered , that there is no crime/chalan/fine/traffic violation or RTO tax is pending       


Car or bike can be moved out of state for the following 2 reasons :

  1. Place of residence got changed
  2. Vehicle is sold to some one who resides in other state

Process for NOC of vehicle(car/ bike) in Bangalore

Application for NOC of vehicle is to be submitted along with supporting documents to the RTO in Bangalore where vehicle is registered . In the RC (Registration certificate ) of the vehicle information is there, in which RTO vehicle (car/bike) is registered .

In Bangalore , NOC process is offline . Application form along with supporting documents needs to submitted physically . Again it has to be collected from concerned RTO in Bangalore after completion of the work.

Process for NOC of vehicle takes approx.  3-4 weeks time. 

If there is signature mismatch or proper document is not there , it may take extra time and visit. 

There are few things needs to be checked before applying for NOC of the vehicle :

  • The Registration certificate of the vehicle should be valid. If its expired , it has to be renewed .

  • Road tax paid should be  up to date . If not , pay the road tax first .

  • If there is loan or hypothecation on the vehicle, it  has to be cleared first. Bank or the financier will give NOC . Its mandatory.

  • If the loan or hypothecation on vehicle is yet to be over , Bank or financier will give loan continuation letter.

  • Whether vehicle can be registered or not in the state where vehicle is to be moved , that needs to be checked. There are states/  cities where there is restriction for re-registration of certain class of vehicles.

  • All traffic challans should be cleared .


Documents required for noc of vehicle in bangalore

Following are the documents required for NOC of vehicle (car/bike )

  • 4 copy of Application on Form 28 along with pencil impression of chachis no.

  • Original RC.

  • Valid insurance copy.

  • Pollution photo copy.

  • Crime report 

  • No objection certificate/ Loan continuation letter from bank in case vehicle is on loan or hypothecation

  • Address proof of the place where vehicle is moving

  • Traffic Challan clearance from traffic police

Clearance certificate or CC from RTO Bangalore

If you are  moving your car form one RTO area to another RTO area within Karnataka  either for the reason that you are changing place of residence or you are selling your car to someone who resides in different RTO area, clearance certificate (CC) from the parent RTO is required . 

Process takes 2-3 weeks time.

Documents required for Clearance certificate

  • Clearance certificate form 

  • Original RC

  • Valid insurance copy

  • Valid Pollution certificate

How to get NOC for vehicle online in Bangalore

  • Itzeazy provides consultancy service for getting NOC of the vehicle in Bangalore . Our consultants understand the requirement, analyse the case and then suggest the process and documents required for getting NOC of the vehicle.

  • We verify scan copy of documents before arranging pick up of documents to avoid any error or to and fro movement of incomplete documents . Once document is completed its collected from door step .

  • After collection of the documents , service charge has to be paid online .

  • After receiving of the payment , document is submitted to the concerned RTO .

  • In case of some discrepancy or signature mismatch , customer will be informed about the problem and the possible solution.

  • After completion of the work   , customer will be intimated and documents will be dispatched.

  • To avail hassle free service you can  contact our consultants today .

What is validity of NOC for vehicle (car/ bike)  from Bangalore

There is nothing like validity of NOC  for vehicle . It is valid till we re-register it in the new RTO.

NOC for vehicle should be submitted to the new RTO within 30 days from the date of issue NOC . There is provision for penalty for late submission of the NOC of the vehicle.

The penalty amount varies from state to state . To know the exact amount of penalty RTO of the state should be contacted. 



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frequently asked questions

What is the procedure to transfer two wheeler from Bangalore to Hyderabad ?

Ans  : Following are the steps involved in transferring vehicle from Bangalore to Hyderabad 

  1. Getting NOC of the vehicle from Bangalore RTO
  2. Payment of Road tax to the Hyderabad RTO
  3. Re-registration of two wheeler and change of address at Hyderabad RTO
  4. Getting TS no. allotted to the two wheeler 

Itzeazy assist in the complete process , both in Bangalore as well as Hyderabad  

I have been shifted to Pune from Bangalore . I have Bangalore registered car . Is vehicle presence required at Bangalore RTO to get NOC ? Do I need to visit RTO Bangalore for this ?

Ans :  No, vehicle presence is not required at Bangalore RTO to obtain NOC . Also physical presence of registered owner is not required. Only submission of application form along with supporting document is required .

If you have already shifted to Pune , no need of worrying . Just send your documents to our Bangalore address . We will get it done and send back NOC to your Pune address .   

I applied for NOC in Bangalore RTO and shifted to Delhi, I had to submit my RC card for the same. Will I receive my RC along with the NOC?

Ans : Submission of Original RC is mandatory along with application form and other supporting documents to the Bangalore RTO to get NOC . You will get back original RC along with NOC .  

How long does it take to get NOC of a two wheeler from Bangalore RTO ?

Ans : Normally it takes 1 month time to get NOC of a two wheeler from Bangalore RTO . 

How much road tax I will have to pay in the state where I am moving vehicle ?

Ans : Once you get NOC from Bangalre , you need to pay road tax in the city where you have moved your vehicle and also need to do re-registration of vehicle. Road tax should be paid on the depreciated value of the vehicle and it will be for remaining life time period of the vehicle. To know the road tax amount to be paid click on the link

Can I drive Delhi registered car in Bangalore ?

Ans : You can drive your Delhi registered vehicle in Bangalore for 12 months without registering it in Bangalore   This is as provided under section 46 and 47 of the MV Act. After 12 months you will have to register your car in Bangalore.

I want to cancel the NOC for my car which was issued form Bangalore RTO in 2016 for Pune . What is the procedure for this ?

Cancellation of NOC is  stage process :

  1. Getting Non - migration certificate / Non utilization certificate from  the RTO for which NOC was taken . In your case it will be issued from Pune RTO
  2. NOC cancellation from RTO Bangalore

How to apply NOC for two wheeler online in Bangalore ?

One can apply for NOC for two wheeler online in Bangalore through Itzeazy. RTO Official process is not online completely as of now. There is lot of physical activity involved in applying for NOC of vehicle. The online procedure of Itzeazy is :

  • Register your service request for NOC of the vehicle
  • Verification of the soft copy of the documents
  • Collection of physical copy of the documents
  • Payment of service charge online
  • Document submission to the concerned RTO
  • After completion of the work   , customer will be intimated and documents will be dispatched.