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Services provided at RTO Gurgaon

The primary responsibility of RTO Gurgaon is Enabling  the Motor Vehicle rules established by The  Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Registration of new vehicles, maintaining a database for all registered vehicles, issuing vehicle owners/drivers license .Routinely inspecting vehicles and punishing exploiters of law . Issuing  medical certificates ,carry out  driving tests to assert the fitness of vehicles and taking in consideration of welfares like providing  national and international permissions to vehicles, giving PUC       (Pollution Under control) certification, etc 

Following are the RTO services that are being provided at RTO Gurgaon and Itzeazy provides all kinds of RTO services in Gurgaon. The RTO services are :

  • Motor vehicle registration 

  • Certificate of Registration Renewal

  • Address change in RC

  • RC Transfer

  • Registration card renewal

  • Providing stage carriers with national permits

  • Driving and conductor licences are issued.

  • Licenses are issued to driving schools.

  • To allow permission to check pollution through checkpoints.

  • Road taxes and other fines are collected.

  • To ensure that the provisions concerning motor vehicle offences are enforced.

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Road tax payment is required for new registration and re-registration . Itzeazy provides assistance of this .

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What is the procedure to transfer ownership of vehicle in case of death of registered owner ? Also what is the rule regarding nominee in RC ?

 Ans : The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has made a few changes to the central motor vehicle rules of 1989 to make it easier for people who want to nominate a person in their vehicle registration certificate.

Before the new amendment took place, transferring a car to a nominee in the event of the death of the registered owner of a vehicle requires complying with a cumbersome procedures and frequent visits to different offices. The process was not uniform across the country.

When the owner of a motor vehicle dies, the person nominated on the registration certificate by the deceased or the person who succeeds to the ownership of the car can use the vehicle as his or her own for three months after the owner's death. For this, the individual must notify the registering authorities of the owner's death within 30 days of the death's occurrence.

Further, to transfer the vehicle in his or her name, the nominee will have to apply in form 31 within the period of three months from the death of the owner of the motor vehicle.

In case where the owner wants to change the nominee of the motor vehicle in case of contingencies like divorce or division of property, she/he may change the nomination.

​The person referred to in sub-rule(1) shall apply in Form 31 within the period of three months to the said registering authority for the transfer of ownership of the vehicle in his name accompanied by:-

  • The appropriate fee as specified in rule 81;
  • The death certificate in relation to the registered owner;
  • The certificate of registration;
  • The certificate of insurance;
  • Driving License and permit in case of E-rickshaw and E-cart.

I have purchased a used car which is registered in Gurgaon. I stay in Gurgaon on rent and I don't have any Govt. address proof of Gurgaon. How I can do ownership transfer of car in Gurgaon ?

Ans : On the basis of rent agreement transfer of ownership of vehicle can not be done . 

​My driving licence was issued from Kanpur and its paper DL . Currently I am in Gurgaon. Is Driving Licence renewal from  Gurgaon possible? 

Ans :  Yes, your Driving licence from Gurgaon is possible . It will be 2 stage process :

  1. Backlog entry  of DL data in Kanpur RTO
  2. Driving Licence renewal in Gurgaon

Itzeazy assists in both the cities i.e. Kanpur and Gurgaon.

What are the precautions to be taken by a learner license ? 

Ans: The following points need to be kept in mind by a Learner's Licence holder :

  • The learner's licence holder should get training under the supervision of a Permanent driving licence holder.
  • The learner licence holder has to display symbol –L in a Red colour that should be visible from a distance.
  • In case of commercial vehicle, the learner licensee has to undergo training either from Government Motor Driving School or Motor Driving Schools authorized by the State Government.
  • In addition to practical training, the learner's licence holder should also learn about the vehicles' mechanism, road symbols or signs etc.
  • If you are learning how to drive a two-wheeler, you cannot carry any other person on the pillion except your instructor.

Can I alter the motor vehicle?

Ans :  Under the provisions of section 52 of Motor Vehicle Act, the alteration of Motor Vehicle is allowed after prior permission of registering authority. If registering authority feels the sufficient ground to alter the vehicle, the permission is granted. The conversion like from fuel Petrol to C.N.G. is also allowed after the permission in case of engine assembly.

Is there any specific rules to be followed while learning or training ?

Ans: Yes, there are two rules. The first is that you must paste or paint a ‘L’ sign at the back and front of your vehicle in red, on a white background and the second is that you must at all times be accompanied by a person holding a regular licence. Secondly, If you are learning how to drive a two-wheeler, you cannot carry any other person on the pillion except your instructor.

How can I apply for transfer of ownership of my car online on Gurgaon  RTO website?

Ans: RTO process for transfer of ownership of car in Gurgaon is not online completely. Its mix of online and offline. However process of Itzeazy is completely online and its door step service. 

My car was registered in Gurgaon. I have sold the car to a person who resides in Faridabad. There was loan on the vehicle too. What procedure I will have to follow for transfer of ownership ?

Ans : Since your car is registered in Gurgaon , so application for hypothecation termination should be submitted to the parent RTO in Gurgaon.

After this you will have to apply for NOC to transfer car from Gurgaon to Faridabad. 

Once NOC is done, application for ownership transfer should be submitted to the RTO in Faridabad.  After completion of the RC transfer process in Faridabad, buyer will get RC in his name .

​I want to apply for international driving licence in Gurgaon. My driving licence was issued from Kanpur . How can I apply for international driving licence in Gurgaon ?

Ans : International driving licence can be applied only from the city from where driving licence was issued. Since you are currently in Gurgaon, process will be like :

  1. Change of address in Driving Licence in Gurgaon
  2. International driving licence in Gurgaon

​I have purchased a second hand bike in Gurgaon and received all the necessary papers from the seller . Within how much time I should submit documents in the RTO office for transfer of ownership ?

Ans : The documents and forms for transfer of ownership should be submitted to the concerned RTO within 30 days from the date of purchase of the bike. Failing which you will have to pay Rs. 300 late fine per month . For car this fine is Rs. 500 per month.

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Sold your vehicle and want to transfer ownership of the vehicle ? Get it done now. 


RTO Gurgaon


North Gurgaon (HR 26)
The Regional Transport Office (RTO), 
SDM (North) Gurgaon, Ground Floor Mini Secretariat,
Gurgaon, Haryana – 122018

Gurgaon (HR 55)
The Regional Transport Officer (RTO),
Haryana – 122001

South Gurgaon (HR 72)
The Regional Transport Office (RTO),
SDM Gurgaon, Vikas Sadan,
Opposite Mini Secretariat,
Haryana – 122018

Badshsahpur(HR 98)
Behind HDFC school,
Sushant Lok III,
Sector 57,

Road tax in Gurgaon

Price of vehicle                             Road tax percentage

Upto 75k - 2wheeler                                   4%
75k- 2 lacs - 2 wheeler                                6%
More than 2 lacs - 2 wheeler                      8%
Less than 6 lacs - car                                   5%
Between 6 lacs - 20 lacs - car                     8%
More than 20 lacs - car                              10% 


Following is the driving licence fees structure for different application types of driving licence in Gurgaon


Issue of learner’s licence                     - Rs. 150

( For each class of vehicle )

Learner’s licence test fee                    - Rs. 50

For test, of competence to drive        - Rs. 300

(for each class of vehicle) 

Issue of a driving licence                      - Rs. 200 

Issue of International Driving Permit  - Rs. 1000  

Renewal of driving licence                   - Rs. 200


Following is the RTO fees for RC transfer in Gurgaon :

Invalid Carriage                                              --- Rs. 25 
Motor cycle                                                     --- Rs. 150  
Three wheeler/Quadricycle/Light Motor Vehicles:
Non transport;                                              --- Rs. 300 
Transport                                                      --- Rs. 500 
Medium goods vehicle                                --- Rs. 500 
Medium passenger motor vehicle             --- Rs. 500 
Heavy goods vehicle                                    --- Rs. 750 
Heavy passenger motor vehicle                 --- Rs. 750 
Imported motor vehicle                              --- Rs. 2500 
Imported motor cycle                                  ---  Rs. 1250
Any other vehicle not mentioned above   ---  Rs. 1500

Additional fee of Two Hundred Rupees shall be levied if the certificate of registration is a smart card type issued

Documents Required

Documents required for transfer of ownership

  1. Original RC
  2. 2 nos. of duly filled & signed Form no.29
  3. 2 nos. of duly filled & signed Form no.30
  4. Copy of valid insurance
  5. Copy of valid pollution under control certificate
  6. Copy of Residential Certificate (voter card/ passport/ telephone(BSNL/MTNL)/electricity bill/ Adhar/ Gas connection) any two
  7. Affidavit on plain paper by seller and buyer

Documents required for duplicate RC

  1. 2 nos. of application on form 26
  2. Copy of valid insurance policy
  3. Copy of pollution under control certificate
  4. Residential Certificate (voter card/ passport/ telephone/electricity bill/ ration card ) any one

Documents required for HP deletion

  1. 2 nos. of Form no. 35 duly filled & signed by registered owner
  2. A certificate from financier (Bank) for having retained full dues
  3. Original RC
  4. Copy of Valid insurance
  5. Copy of valid pollution under control certificate
  6. Copy of address proof of the registered owner owner (voter card/ passport/telephone (BSNL/MTNL) / electricity bill/ Adhar/ Govt bank account) any one
  7. Affidavit for HP deletion on plain paper

Documents required for NOC

  1. 4 nos. of Application on Form 28 along with pencil impression of chachis no
  2. Original RC
  3. Copy of Valid insurance
  4. Copy of pollution photo copy
  5. Residential Certificate (voter card/ passport/ telephone(BSNL/MTNL)electricity bill/Adhar/Govt bank account/Gas connection) any one
  6. Affidavit on plain paper