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How can I apply for transfer of ownership of my car online on Gurgaon  RTO website?

Ans: RTO process for transfer of ownership of car in Gurgaon is not online completely. Its mix of online and offline. However process of Itzeazy is completely online and its door step service. 

I live in Gurgaon and I have bought a used car which is registered in Gurgaon ? But I don't have address proof of Gurgaon. What can I do?

Ans : To transfer ownership of vehicle in Gurgaon Govt. address proof of buyer is must. First you need to arrange Govt. address proof, then only transfer of vehicle can be done.   

What is the procedure to transfer ownership of vehicle in case of death of registered owner ? Also what is the rule regarding nominee in RC ?

Ans : The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has made a few changes to the central motor vehicle rules of 1989 to make it easier for people who want to nominate a person in their vehicle registration certificate.

Before the new amendment took place, transferring a car to a nominee in the event of the death of the registered owner of a vehicle requires complying with a cumbersome procedures and frequent visits to different offices. The process was not uniform across the country.

When the owner of a motor vehicle dies, the person nominated on the registration certificate by the deceased or the person who succeeds to the ownership of the car can use the vehicle as his or her own for three months after the owner's death. For this, the individual must notify the registering authorities of the owner's death within 30 days of the death's occurrence.

Further, to transfer the vehicle in his or her name, the nominee will have to apply in form 31 within the period of three months from the death of the owner of the motor vehicle.

In case where the owner wants to change the nominee of the motor vehicle in case of contingencies like divorce or division of property, she/he may change the nomination.






Following are the RTO offices in Gurgaon :

RTO Gurgaon, HR26
Mini secretariat ,
Near Rajiv Chowk,

RTO Sohna Road, HR76
Opp. Mini secretariat
Near Rajiv Chowk,

Commercial RTO Gurgaon, HR55
Mini secretariat ,
Near Rajiv Chowk,

RTO Badshahpur, HR98
Back side of HDFC school

RC TRANSFER fees IN Gurgaon

Following is the RC transfer fees in Gurgaon :

Invalid Carriage                                                 --- Rs. 25 (twenty five only)
Motor cycle                                                        --- Rs. 150 (one hundred fifty only) 
Three wheeler/Quadricycle/Light Motor Vehicles:
Non transport;                                                   --- Rs. 300 ( three hundred only)
Transport                                                           --- Rs. 500 ( five hundred only)
Medium goods vehicle                                     --- Rs. 500 ( five hundred only)
Medium passenger motor vehicle                  --- Rs. 500 ( five hundred only)
Heavy goods vehicle                                         --- Rs. 750 ( seven hundred fifty only)
Heavy passenger motor vehicle                      --- Rs. 750 ( seven hundred fifty only)
Imported motor vehicle                                   --- Rs. 2500 ( two thousand five hundred only)
Imported motor cycle                                      ---  Rs. 1250 ( one thousand two hundred fifty only)
Any other vehicle not mentioned above        ---  Rs. 1500 ( one thousand five hundred only)

Additional fee of Two Hundred Rupees shall be levied if the certificate of registration is a smart card type issued

RC Transfer Gurgaon

Looking for RC transfer in Gurgaon online? Vehicle ownership transfer in Gurgaon RTO is required in case you have sold/purchased a vehicle in Gurgaon. As per motor vehicle act its mandatory to transfer ownership of vehicle in case of sell/ purchase .

If you are from Gurgaon and thinking out that the process of RC transfer in Gurgaon RTOs will be very hard and lengthy to do and you are not able to find out one shot solution of this multi-dimensional problem then here, we are the itzeazy RTO work team. We are a one stop solution related to your problem of RC transfer. We the itzeazy team will solve your problem by doing all the process from scratch and finishing it by the transferring and delivering the RC to the residence of the new buyer of vehicle. Our team cover all the RTOs present in the Gurgaon. If you want to jump upon this pool of ease, comfort, fast and secure way of transferring the RC the just read out and follow the below mentioned step written in the article. 

The process of Transfer of ownership is simple and easy and all you need is to know, what is the process of application  and documents need to be submitted. Transferring of the ownership signify shifting the vehicle owner’s name from your name to the buyer’s name or way which shift the title of the vehicle from one owner to the other owner. Transfer of ownership is compulsory under Indian law of Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. This transfer is divided to three categories as discussed below:

Transfer of ownership in case of normal sale

This is when vehicles are sold, and buyer name’s gets registered as owner of the vehicle from then. 

Transfer of ownership on death of owner of the vehicle

This is When the owner of a vehicle dies, then transfer of ownership is done in favor of the legal heirs of the deceased registered owner. 

Transfer of ownership of vehicle purchased in public auction

When a vehicle is sold in public auction, then purchaser is noted as the registered owner.

The vehicle transfer documents should be submitted to the RTO within 30 days of the actual sell/purchase .

There is late fine in case you fail to submit documents within 30 days. 

The late fine is :

Car - Rs. 500/ month

Bike - Rs. 300/ month   

Application for transfer of vehicle ownership should be submitted in the RTO where it is registered .

In Gurgaon there are three RTOs :

  • HR26 - Gurgaon city
  • HR76 - Sohna Road
  • HR55 - Gurgaon (Commercial)

If seller and buyer resides in the same RTO area , it will be simple ownership change in the same RTO where it is registered .

If seller and buyer resides in different RTO area, work involves NOC  and ownership transfer of vehicle .

Itzeazy provides service for transfer of vehicle ownership in all RTOs of Gurgaon and major cities of India . Its door - step and hassle free service . We are experienced team of RTO consultants capable of handling all kinds of complex cases . We have SLA driven quality service .

Documents required for transfer of vehicle ownership in gurgaon

Following are the documents required  

  • Original  RC
  • Dully filled Form no.29
  • Dully filled Form no.30
  • Copy of valid insurance
  • Copy of valid pollution under control certificate
  • Copy of Residential Certificate (voter card/ passport/ telephone/electricity bill/ ration card) etc. attach any  two 
  •  attested copies.
  • Crime  Report of N.C.R.B.

To download forms  please visit


Following are the steps involved in the transfer of vehicle ownership process of Itzeazy in Gurgaon   

  • Requirement understanding of the client by Itzeazy
  • Sharing of list of documents required for vehicle ownership change
  • Verification of the soft copies of the documents 
  • Collection of the physical copies of the document from customer's place
  • Advance payment of service charge by the client
  • Document submitted to the concerned RTO
  • Work completion and dispatch of RC