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How to apply for Duplicate RC of the car in Gurgaon which I lost ? Car is registered in Gurgaon but I am in Mumbai currently. 

Ans : No issue. Itzeazy will facilitate you in the process . You just need to send required documents for duplicate RC process to our Gurgaon office . We will get the work done and deliver the RC back to your Mumbai address . 

For duplicate RC process is the physical presence of registered owner required ?

Ans : No. Physical presence of registered owner not required for duplicate RC process in Gurgaon.

What to do if you lose your RC Book ?

​Ans : The registration certificate (RC) is an important document. Just like a Driving License, you must carry the registration certificate with you all the time when you are travelling by car. A registration certificate means that your vehicle is registered with your state Regional Transport Office (RTO). This registration certificate is either as a book (RC book) or a smart card (RC card).

What is the procedure for issue of duplicate registration certificate?

Ans: Any registered owner can apply for a duplicate registration certificate in case the original one is either lost or mutilated after submitting following documents:

  1. Application on form 26 (in duplicate and one copy duly attested along with the endorsement from the financier of Hypothecated).
  2. Original copy of the F.I.R/N.C.R.
  3. Self Attested copy of valid insurance policy.
  4. Self Attested copy of pollution under control certificate.
  5. Self Attested copy of address proof.
  6. Prescribed fee.
  7. Challan clearance from traffic police & Enforcement wing Transport Department in commercial vehicles.
  8. Tax clearance from Accounts Department in commercial vehicles.
  9. Self Attested copy of PAN Card or Form 60 & 61(as applicable)

I have lost RC of my car which is registered in Gurgaon RTO. My current address is different from address on RC. Can I apply for duplicate RC along with change of address ?

Ans : Yes. You can apply for change of address along with duplicate RC of your car. For procedure and document requirement, you can speak with Itzeazy team.  

duplicate rc faq
duplicate rc faq

Duplicate RC Gurgaon

Lost RC book in Gurgaon ? Want to apply for duplicate RC in Gurgaon ? Confused how to get duplicate RC book online in Gurgaon ?  Itzeazy  provides service for duplicate RC book in Gurgaon. Its door step and hassle free service.  Its important to know the process for duplicate RC book in Gurgaon, documents required for duplicate RC book in Gurgaon , RTO Gurgaon address.

In the event that you lose your RC book, you can apply for a duplicate RC at the RTO Gurgaon. It must be done at the RTO where the vehicle is registered.

Following are the RTOs in Gurgaon:


RTO Gurgaon, HR26
Mini secretariat,
Near Rajiv Chowk,

RTO Sohna Road, HR76
Opp. Mini secretariat
Near Rajiv Chowk,

Commercial RTO Gurgaon, HR55
Mini secretariat ,
Near Rajiv Chowk,

RTO Badsahpur, HR98
Back side of HDFC school


The following are the documents that you should require at Itzeazy for Duplicate RC Gurgaon.

  • Application on Form 26 
  • FIR/ lost report for misplaced RC
  • Copy of Pollution under Control certificate
  • Copy of valid insurance 
  • Address proof is required.
  • Commercial cars require tax approval from the Accounts Department.
  • PAN Card or Form 60 & Form 61 attested copy (as applicable)
  • Affidavit declaring that the RC has not been impounded.​


RTO fees for duplicate RC in Gurgaon is as follows :

Invalid Carriage                                -- Rs. 25 
Motor cycle                                       -- Rs. 150  
Three wheeler/Quadricycle/Light Motor Vehicles:
Non transport;                                  -- Rs. 300 
Transport                                          -- Rs. 500 
Medium goods vehicle                    -- Rs. 500 
Medium passenger motor vehicle -- Rs. 500 
Heavy goods vehicle                        -- Rs. 750 
Heavy passenger motor vehicle     -- Rs. 750 
Imported motor vehicle                  -- Rs. 2500
Imported motor cycle                      -- Rs. 1250 
Any other vehicle not mentioned above -- Rs. 1500 

Additional fee of Two Hundred Rupees shall be levied if the certificate of registration is a smart card type issued


In the older time RTO in Gurgaon used to issue paper RC.  However nowadays Gurgaon RTO issues smart card RC instead of paper based RC book. In case you have the old type of RC book or registration certificate, you can apply for Duplicate RC in a Smart Card format .

The procedure to converted RC book to RC Smart Card involves submission of the following documents along with requisite fees for duplicate RC –

  • Original RC book
  • Current address proof
  • Valid insurance copy
  • Valid PUC Copy
  • Application for Smart Card Issuance on form 26


duplicate rc faq
duplicate rc gurgaon order booking