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How Itzeazy is different from roadside RTO agents ?

 Ans: Itzeazy is  a organised company having offices in multiple cities . It has well defined processes and it takes care of safety and security of your documents . Services are door-step . So, hassle free RTO service of Itzeazy is complete piece of mind 

I have purchased a used car which is registered in Delhi . I live in Noida . What will be the procedure to change ownership of the car ?

 Ans :  Following steps would be there for transfer of ownership of car  from Delhi to Noida :

  1. NOC from Delhi RTO to Noida RTO
  2. Re-registration in Noida RTO
  3. Road tax payment in Noida
  4. Ownership transfer of car in Noida

I have purchased a​ used bike in Noida . Is it mandatory for seller and buyer to visit RTO for ownership transfer?

Ans : Yes . In Ghaziabad for  all kinds of  RTO work , physical presence of the concerned party is mandatory for signature verification . For ownership transfer of bike, seller and buyer's presence at RTO Ghaziabad  is mandatory .

I have shifted my car from Bangalore to Noida recently . Its 2009 model car. I have taken the NOC from Bangalore and now want to register it in Noida . What will be the procedure ?

Ans : As per National Green Tribunal directives, In Delhi NCR only Euro-4 vehicle can be registered . All cars in India manufactured before April 2010 were Euro-3 compliant . So , this car can not be re-registered in Noida.

How can I change ownership of the bike which is 2012 model and is registered in Delhi ? I ​live in Noida .

Ans : In India bikes manufactured before January 2017 are Euro -3 compliant . So, the bike which you have purchased is Euro-3 compliant .As per National Green Tribunal directive re-registration of this bike ( ownership change from Delhi to Noida involves Re-registration in Noida)  can not be done in Delhi NCR.   

I want to remove hypothecation from RC of my car which is registered in Noida ,but I don't live on the address mentioned on RC . What should I do?

Ans : In Noida RTO , for HP termination address proof of registered owner is mandatory. Speak with our service representative . We will find solution to this problem.​

What is the RTO office timing in Noida RTO ?

Ans : The timings for public dealing at RTO in Noida is 10.00 AM to 2 PM between Monday to Saturday. 


I have a 11 year old diesel car registered in Noida . Will It be possible to get NOC for some other state ?

Ans : No. Currently It is not possible to get NOC for the car for some other state. 

I have a 15 year old car registered in Noida RTO an​d it has been expired one month back . Can I apply for RC renewal ?

Ans :
No, As per NGT directive , In Noida RC can not be renewed once it crossed 15 years.

My driving licence was issued from Kanpur and its paper DL . Currently I am in Noida. Is Driving Licence renewal from  Noida possible? 

Ans :  Yes, your Driving licence from Noida is possible . It will be 2 stage process :

1. Backlog entry  of DL data in Kanpur RTO
2. Driving Licence renewal in Noida

Itzeazy assists in both the cities i.e. Kanpur and Noida.

What are the precautions to be taken by a learner license ? 

Ans: The following points need to be kept in mind by a Learner's Licence holder :

- The learner's licence holder should get training under the supervision of a Permanent driving licence holder.

- The learner licence holder has to display symbol –L in a Red colour that should be visible from a distance.

- In case of commercial vehicle, the learner licensee has to undergo training either from Government Motor Driving School or Motor Driving Schools authorized by the State Government.

- In addition to practical training, the learner's licence holder should also learn about the vehicles' mechanism, road symbols or signs etc.

- If you are learning how to drive a two-wheeler, you cannot carry any other person on the pillion except your instructor.

Can I alter the motor vehicle?

Ans :  Under the provisions of section 52 of Motor Vehicle Act, the alteration of Motor Vehicle is allowed after prior permission of registering authority. If registering authority feels the sufficient ground to alter the vehicle, the permission is granted. The conversion like from fuel Petrol to C.N.G. is also allowed after the permission in case of engine assembly.

What happens If I fail in the driving test?   

Ans. You may apply for a re-test after 7 days. However this period of 7 days should be utilized to upgrade your skills and to rectify your mistakes.

How can I transfer vehicle ownership in Noida ?

Ans : First thing which you need to keep in mind while selling or buying any used car or bike which is registered at Noida RTO is seller and buyer presence at RTO office is mandatory. So first step is to get RC transfer documents and RC transfer forms ready. After that plan the visit of seller and buyer to the Noida RTO . Pay requisite fees at the designated counter of the Noida RTO. Get the sign verified by verification officer . Submit the completed documents to the appropriate counter and then wait. RC transfer will be done within one week . You need to collect new RC physically from the Noida RTO. 

​My car was registered in Noida. I have sold the car to a person who resides in Ghaziabad. There was loan on the vehicle too. What procedure I will have to follow for transfer of ownership ?

Ans : Since your car is registered in Noida , so application for hypothecation termination should be submitted to the parent RTO in Noida.

After this you will have to apply for NOC to transfer car from Noida to Ghaziabad. 

Once NOC is done, application for ownership transfer should be submitted to the RTO in Ghaziabad.  After completion of the RC transfer process in Ghaziabad, buyer will get RC in his name .

I want to apply for international driving licence in Noida. My driving licence was issued from Kanpur . How can I apply for international driving licence in Noida ?

Ans : International driving licence can be applied only from the city from where driving licence was issued. Since you are currently in Noida, process will be like :

  1. Change of address in Driving Licence in Noida
  2. International driving licence in Noida

I have purchased a second hand bike in Gurgaon and received all the necessary papers from the seller . Within how much time I should submit documents in the RTO office for transfer of ownership ?

Ans : The documents and forms for transfer of ownership should be submitted to the concerned RTO within 30 days from the date of purchase of the bike. Failing which you will have to pay Rs. 300 late fine per month . For car this fine is Rs. 500 per month.


I have a bike which is registered in Noida . I have sold it to a person who is Ghaziabad resident . What would be the procedure to transfer bike ownership transfer ?

Ans : 
Following steps needs to be followed in this particular case :

1. Getting NOC from Noida RTO to Ghaziabad RTO 
2. Ownership change of bike in Ghaziabad

Can I get DL without test in Noida?

Ans : No. You can not get DL without test in Noida. Driving licence test is mandatory to get driving licence. You will have to go through two types of driving test and clear it.

1. Theory test (questions related to traffic rules and road signs)
2. Practical test for driving skill  

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To book order or for any query or concern please speak to one of the consultants over phone or chat. You can also drop a message . We will get back to you shortly.

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Looking for RTO agent Noida or RTO consultant Noida? Itzeazy is India's no. 1 RTO service provider and has a team of RTO agents in Noida and RTO consultant in Noida. It provides door step RTO services in Noida.

Hassle Free Door Step RTO Services In Noida

For any kind of Online RTO service in Noida, Itzeazy has reliable team in Noida trusted by thousand of people so far. We handle all  kinds of complex issues related to  RTO services.  you can take the services of ITZEAZY and will definitely make things easy for you as we provide top-notch service with minimal time delay and high efficiency.

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RTO services in Noida

Itzeazy provides all kinds of RTO services in Noida.  RTO services of Itzeazy in Noida is completely hassle free service and its door step service . We have well defined internal process to give you smooth service backed by SLA commitment . We also understand that your documents are very precious . Safety and security of it is utmost importance. Itzeazy has well defined documentation management system to take care of it.  .          

​Following are the services that are being provided at RTO Noida and Itzeazy provides all RTO services in Noida. The RTO services are:​

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RTO Office Noida

RTO Code  UP-16

RTO office Noida, UP16
The Regional Transport Officer ( RTO ),
sector - 32, Opp. NTPC office,

Office Timings  10 AM-2 PM

Phone Number  91-120-2505556

Commonly used RTO forms in Noida RTO

No objection certificate -
Form 28

Transfer of ownership   -
Form 29, Form 30

Duplicate RC                   -
Form 26

HP termination              -
Form 35

Change of address        -
Form 33

Re-registration               -
Form 20, Form 27, Form 33


Inter state transfer of vehicle ( Other state to Noida )

If you are shifting a vehicle which is registered in other state and you want to transfer it to Noida, following steps will be involved :

  • NOC for vehicle transfer from other state to Noida
  • ​Re-registration of vehicle in Noida & road tax payment
  • RC transfer in Noida in your name in case you have purchased that vehicle

Inter state transfer of vehicle ( Noida to other state )

If you are shifting a vehicle which is registered in Noida and you want to transfer it to other state, following steps will be involved 

  • NOC for vehicle transfer from Noida to other state 
  • ​Re-registration of vehicle in other state & road tax payment
  • RC transfer in your name in case you have purchased that vehicle 


​While transferring your vehicle from Noida to another state , you need to pay road tax again in the new state. However you can claim for road tax refund from the parent RTO.

Here is the steps to get road tax refund

  • Get vehicle NOC from the parent RTO in Noida

  • Register your vehicle in the new state and pay road tax

  • Submit the new RC copy, the old RC copy, and the other required documents to the old RTO in Noida

  • The RTO processes refund of road tax

  • Get demand draft for the road tax refund amount