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duplicate Rc noida order booking

How can I get duplicate RC in Noida ?

Ans: Application for duplicate RC of the vehicle should be submitted to the RTO Noida , if vehicle is registered in the  Noida RTO. Step by step process is  :

  • Submit application for duplicate RC on form 26 along with  supporting documents to the RTO
  • Deposit requisite application fees for duplicate RC
  • Visit of registered owner to the RTO for verification
  • Issue of duplicate RC

Is the visit of registered owner mandatory in Noida RTO for duplicate RC process ?

Ans: Yes, for duplicate RC process visit of registered owner to the RTO is mandatory in Noida .

My vehicle is under loan . For duplicate RC do I need clearance from the bank ?

Ans : Yes, If vehicle is on loan and its continuing , then for duplicate RC process NOC from bank is mandatory.  Without NOC from the bank RTO will not issue duplicate RC.

What to do if you lose your RC Book ?

Ans : The registration certificate (RC) is an important document. Just like a Driving License, you must carry the registration certificate with you all the time when you are travelling by car. A registration certificate means that your vehicle is registered with your state Regional Transport Office (RTO). This registration certificate is either as a book (RC book) or a smart card (RC card).

​If my RC has not been lost or damaged, can I apply to have a duplicate?

Ans: Yes. If they can provide enough proof, anyone can apply to get a duplicate RC. These are some of these cases in which you might be eligible to apply for a duplicate copy of your RC.

  • If any of the information in the RC is inaccurate.
  • If the information is difficult to read or scratched.

​​When should I apply for a duplicate RC book?

Ans: You should apply for a duplicate Registration Certificate if your original RC book is lost, torn or destroyed in any other manner.

I have lost RC of my car which is registered in Noida RTO. My current address is different from address on RC. Can I apply for duplicate RC along with change of address ?

Ans : Yes. You can apply for change of address along with duplicate RC of your car. For procedure and document requirement, you can speak with Itzeazy team.  

​​​ Duplicate RC Noida

Looking for duplicate RC in Noida  and confused how to get duplicate RC in Noida ? Don't worry,  Itzeazy provides service for Duplicate RC of vehicle in Noida.  One can apply for duplicate RC of the vehicle in case of loss or theft of the original RC. It can also be applied  in case original RC gets mutilated or torn. In this article we will discuss process for duplicate RC in Noida, documents required for duplicate RC in Noida.

Application for the duplicate RC needs to be submitted to the NOIDA RTO.

Itzeazy provides door step hassle free service for duplicate RC of vehicle in Noida . We commit SLA too. We  have well defined internal process to handle process smoothly.


how to get duplicate rc in noida 

Following are the steps followed by Itzeazy for duplicate RC process

  • Requirement understanding of the client by itzeazy

  • Sharing of the list of documents required by itzeazy

  • Advance payment of the service charge by the client ( online)

  • Verification of the soft copy of the documents

  • Collection of the physical copy of the documents

  • Submission of the documents to RTO

  • Getting appointment for the RTO visit of the registered owner

  • Visit of registered owner to the RTO

  • Work completion and dispatch of RC

Approximate time for processing - 10 to 15 days

Visit to RTO required                        - Yes ( Once, for 15 minutes)  

Documents required for duplicate rc in noida

Following are the documents required for duplicate RC in NOIDA

  1. Application on form 26 (in duplicate and with the endorsement from the financier of Hypothecated).
  2. Original copy of the F.I.R/N.C.R.
  3. Copy of valid insurance policy.
  4. Copy of pollution under control certificate.
  5. Copy of address proof. 
  6. Affidavit stating that RC is lost and has not been impounded

To download form 26 please visit


Following is the RTO office address in Noida :

RTO office Noida, UP16
The Regional Transport Officer ( RTO ),
Sector - 32, Opp. NTPC office,