RC transfer Online in Noida

Want to apply for RC transfer online in Noida ? Itzeazy provides service for vehicle ownership transfer online in Noida . Transfer of vehicle ownership process is currently offline in Noida RTO . However Itzeazy has online process. So if you have sold or purchased a used car or bike , transfer of vehicle ownership is to be done in the name of new owner. Itzeazy is India's no 1 RTO service provider and will provide end to end service.

In Noida , for RC transfer, physical presence of seller and buyer is mandatory for signature purpose. Itzeazy will co-ordinate during the entire process .

How to do RC transfer online in Noida 

Following are the steps involved in vehicle ownership transfer online in Noida :

  1.   Itzeazy team first understand the requirement over phone or chat . accordingly it advises the list    of  documents  required to get the work done.
  2.   Verification of the soft copy of the completed documents will be done to avoid any mistake.
  3.   Advance payment is to be made by the customer .
  4.   Physical copy of the documents will be collected 
  5.   Document will be submitted to the RTO
  6.   Appointment booking for the visit of seller and buyer to the Noida RTO
  7.   Visit of seller and buyer to the RTO
  8.   Customer will be informed time to time about the progress of the work
  9.   After work completion, RC will be delivered

Documents required for RC transfer in Noida

Following are the documents required for RC transfer in Noida

  1.     Original RC
  2.     Duly filled Form no.29
  3.     Duly filled Form no.30
  4.     Copy of valid insurance
  5.     Copy of address proof of buyer
  6.     Passport size photograph of seller and buyer
  7.     Copy of valid pollution under control certificate
  8.     Tax clearance certificate

RTO office Noida

Following is the RTO office address in Noida :

RTO office Noida, UP16
The Regional Transport Officer ( RTO ),
Sector - 32, Opp. NTPC office,


How can I transfer vehicle ownership in Noida ?

Ans : First thing which you need to keep in mind while selling or buying any used car or bike which is registered at Noida RTO is seller and buyer presence at RTO office is mandatory. So first step is to get RC transfer documents and RC transfer forms ready. After that plan the visit of seller and buyer to the Noida RTO . Pay requisite fees at the designated counter of the Noida RTO. Get the sign verified by verification officer . Submit the completed documents to the appropriate counter and then wait. RC transfer will be done within one week . You need to collect new RC physically from the Noida RTO. 

I have purchased a used car which is registered in Noida. I stay in Noida on rent and I dont have any Govt. address proof of Noida. How I can do ownership transfer of car in Noida ?

Ans : On the basis of rent agreement transfer of ownership of vehcile can be done . But the condition is landlord will have to visit RTO once with ID proof of him for verification purpose. 


To book order or for any query or concern please speak to one of the consultants over phone or chat. You can also drop a message at https://itzeazy.in/  . We will get back to you shortly.