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Looking for RTO agent Faridabad or RTO consultant Faridabad? Itzeazy is India's no. 1 RTO service provider and has a team of RTO agents in Faridabad and RTO consultant in Faridabad. It provides door step RTO services in Faridabad.

Under a single brand, all types of RTO services are available. For example NOC for vehicles, transfer of ownership of vehicles, HP termination, Duplicate RC, New registration of vehicle, Re-registration of vehicle, Driving License.

The services are completely at your doorstep, and you will only need to visit the RTO if it is required.

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Road tax payment is required for new registration and re-registration . Itzeazy provides assistance of this .

Re-paid your loan and want to terminate Hypothecation. Avail door step service of Itzeazy.

Sold your vehicle and want to transfer ownership of the vehicle ? Get it done now. 

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To book order or for any query or concern please speak to one of the consultants over phone or chat. You can also drop a message . We will get back to you shortly.

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Vehicle NOC is required If you are moving to Different RTO area . Get it today with Itzeazy.

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Looking for re-registration of your vehicle in Gurgaon? Just book order. we will get it done.

My driving licence was issued from Kanpur and its paper DL . Currently I am in Faridabad. Is Driving Licence renewal from  Faridabad possible? 

Ans :  Yes, your Driving licence from Faridabad is possible . It will be 2 stage process :

1. Backlog entry  of DL data in Kanpur RTO
2. Driving Licence renewal in Bangalore

Itzeazy assists in both the cities i.e. Kanpur and Faridabad.

Who are eligible for permanent licence ? 

Ans : Following are the eligibility criteria for a permanent licence : 

a.     You should have a valid learner licence.

b.    You should apply after 30 days and within 180 days from the date of issuance of learner licence.

c.     You should be conversant about the vehicle systems, driving, traffic rules & regulations.

Can I alter the motor vehicle?

Ans :  Under the provisions of section 52 of Motor Vehicle Act, the alteration of Motor Vehicle is allowed after prior permission of registering authority. If registering authority feels the sufficient ground to alter the vehicle, the permission is granted. The conversion like from fuel Petrol to C.N.G. is also allowed after the permission in case of engine assembly.

How should I prepare for the driving test? 

Ans:  Apart from the obvious driving skills, you will be tested on your ability to maneuver your vehicle in a crowded area. The theoretical part of the test pertains to your ability to recognize road signs, simple queries about the assemblies and about signals, sensors, and indicators of vehicle system.

I have purchased a bike which is Faridabad registered . I too live in Faridabad but I don't have Govt. address proof. What should I do?

Ans : To transfer bike ownership in Faridabad, Govt. address proof is mandatory. So , first you will have to arrange Govt. address proof of Faridabad address. Then you can apply for ownership transfer of bike.

My car was registered in Faridabad. I have sold the car to a person who resides in Gurgaon. There was loan on the vehicle too. What procedure I will have to follow for transfer of ownership ?

Ans : Since your car is registered in Faridabad , so application for hypothecation termination should be submitted to the parent RTO in Faridabad. 

Once Hypothecation termination is done, application for ownership transfer should be submitted to the RTO in Gurgaon.  After completion of the RC transfer process in Gurgaon, buyer will get RC in his name .

​I want to apply for international driving licence in Faridabad. My driving licence was issued from Kanpur . How can I apply for international driving licence in Faridabad ?

Ans : International driving licence can be applied only from the city from where driving licence was issued. Since you are currently in Faridabad, process will be like :

  1. Change of address in Driving Licence in Faridabad
  2. International driving licence in Faridabad

I have purchased a second hand bike in Faridabad and received all the necessary papers from the seller . Within how much time I should submit documents in the RTO office for transfer of ownership ?

Ans : The documents and forms for transfer of ownership should be submitted to the concerned RTO within 30 days from the date of purchase of the bike. Failing which you will have to pay Rs. 300 late fine per month . For car this fine is Rs. 500 per month.


RTO Faridabad


RTO Faridabad, HR51

Tehsil court compound,


RTO Ballabgarh, HR29

The Regional Transport Officer ( RTO ),

Faridabad - 121004​

Road tax in Faridabad

Price of vehicle                             Road tax percentage

Upto 75k - 2wheeler                                   4%
75k- 2 lacs - 2 wheeler                                6%
More than 2 lacs - 2 wheeler                      8%
Less than 6 lacs - car                                   5%
Between 6 lacs - 20 lacs - car                     8%
More than 20 lacs - car                              10% 


No objection certificate - Form 28

Transfer of ownership   -
Form 29, Form 30

Duplicate RC                   -
Form 26

HP termination               -
Form 35

Change of address       -
Form 33

Re-registration              -
Form 20, Form 27, Form 33


Inter state transfer of vehicle ( Other state to Faridabad )

If you are shifting a vehicle which is registered in other state and you want to transfer it to Faridabad, following steps will be involved :

  • NOC for vehicle transfer from other state to Faridabad
  • ​Re-registration of vehicle in Faridabad & road tax payment
  • RC transfer in Faridabad in your name in case you have purchased that vehicle

Inter state transfer of vehicle ( Faridabad to other state )

If you are shifting a vehicle which is registered in Faridabad and you want to transfer it to other state, following steps will be involved :

  • NOC for vehicle transfer from Faridabad to other state 
  • ​Re-registration of vehicle in other state & road tax payment
  • RC transfer in your name in case you have purchased that vehicle 

Documents Required

Documents required for transfer of ownership

1. Original RC
2. 2 nos. of duly filled & signed Form no.29
3. 2 nos. of duly filled & signed Form no.30
4. Copy of valid insurance
5. Copy of valid pollution under control certificate
6. Copy of Residential Certificate (voter card/ passport/ telephone(BSNL/MTNL)/electricity bill/ Adhar/ Gas connection) any two
7. Affidavit on plain paper by seller and buyer

Documents required for duplicate RC

1. 2 nos. of application on form 26
2. Copy of valid insurance policy
3. Copy of pollution under control certificate
4. Residential Certificate (voter card/ passport/ telephone/electricity bill/ ration card ) any one

Documents required for HP deletion

1. 2 nos. of Form no. 35 duly filled & signed by registered owner
2. A certificate from financier (Bank) for having retained full dues
3. Original RC
4. Copy of Valid insurance
5. Copy of valid pollution under control certificate
6. Copy of address proof of the registered owner owner (voter card/ passport/telephone (BSNL/MTNL) / electricity bill/ Adhar/ Govt bank account) any one
7. Affidavit for HP deletion on plain paper

Documents required for NOC

1. 4 nos. of Application on Form 28 along with pencil impression of chachis no
2. Original RC
3. Copy of Valid insurance
4. Copy of pollution photo copy
5. Residential Certificate (voter card/ passport/ telephone(BSNL/MTNL)electricity bill/Adhar/Govt bank account/Gas connection) any one
6. Affidavit on plain paper


Bought new vehicle and want to register in Gurgaon . Worry not just book order.

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