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What is the procedure for transfer of bike ownership in Mumbai ? Bike is registered in Andheri RTO and  I live in Pawai area . Also there was loan on the bike which has been closed.  

Ans : For transfer of ownership of bike following steps needs to be followed in this particular case :

Get crime report for the bike for NOC of the bike 
Hypothecation termination from the RTO record  of the bike  
NOC for the bike from Andheri RTO to Wadala RTO  
Transfer of ownership of the bike in Wadala RTO 

Is it necessary to get NOC from the RTO if I have to transfer ownership of vehicle from one RTO to another ?

Ans : In all the cases of ownership transfer of vehicle  where seller and buyer lives in different RTO jurisdiction, NOC from the RTO  where vehicle is registered in mandatory . Application for transfer of ownership along with NOC documents should be submitted to the RTO where buyer lives.   

What are the valid and acceptable address proof for transfer of ownership of vehicle in Mumbai?

Ans : Following are the valid and acceptable address proof for transfer of ownership of vehicle in Mumbai :

Voter Id
Electricity bill
MTNL telephone bill
Registered rent agreement 

I am selling my car which is registered in Tardeo RTO to one of my relative . The loan on the car is continuing . Will I have to close the loan first ?

Ans : A vehicle can not be sold on which loan is running . Its mandatory to close the loan first . then only transfer of ownership of vehicle can be done.

My car is registered in Bangalore. Now I have been shifted to Mumbai and want to sell my car in Mumbai . What would be procedure for transfer of ownership of the car ?    

Ans : following would be the procedure for transfer of ownership in your case :

Get NOC from Bangalore to Mumbai in the name of buyer
Pay Road tax in Mumbai
Do re-registration of car in Mumbai
Transfer ownership of car in the name of buyer 

I am purchasing a used bike . Seller is not in Mumbai. Is seller's presence mandatory for the  transfer of ownership of bike ?

Ans : No, for vehicle ownership transfer in Mumbai neither seller nor buyer is required to be present at the RTO . You can just handover required documents of ownership change to Itzeazy, we will get the work done.  RC will be dispatched directly by RTO after RC transfer work completion.  

I have bought a car which is registered in Mumbai RTO . I live in Nashik currently ? To do ownership change in Nashik do I need to take NOC from Pune RTO ?

Ans : If seller and buyer lives in different RTOs within Maharashtra, NOC would be required from the RTO where vehicle is originally registered.

Following are the RTOs in Maharashtra :

​MH01   Mumbai (South)
MH02   Mumbai (West)
MH03   Mumbai (East)
MH04   Thane
MH05   Kalyan
MH06   Raigad
MH07   Sindhudurg
MH08   Ratnagiri
MH09   Kolhapur
MH10   Sangli
MH11   Satara
MH12   Pune
MH13   Solapur
MH15   Nashik
MH15   Ahmednagar
MH16   Shrirampur, Ahmednagar District
MH17   Dhule
MH18   Jalgaon
MH19   Aurangabad
MH20   Jalna City
MH21   Parbhani
MH21   Beed
MH23   Latur
MH24   Osmanabad
MH25   Nanded
MH26   Amravati
MH27   Pune North
MH28   Buldana
MH29   Yavatmal
MH30   Akola
MH31   Nagpur
MH32   Wardha
MH33   Gadchiroli
MH34   Chandrapur
MH35   Gondia
MH36   Bhandara
MH37   Washim
MH38   Hingoli
MH39   Nandurbar
MH40   Wadi, Nagpur (rural)
MH41   Malegaon, Nashik District
MH42   Baramati, Pune
MH43   Navi Mumbai
MH44   Ambejogai, Beed
MH45   Akluj, Solapur
MH46   Panvel
MH47   Mumbai North
MH48   Vasai-Virar
MH49   Nagpur East
MH50   Karad
MH51   Nashik
MH52   Ratnagiri district

What is the procedure to transfer ownership of vehicle in case of death of registered owner ? Also what is the rule regarding nominee in RC ?

Ans : The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has made a few changes to the central motor vehicle rules of 1989 to make it easier for people who want to nominate a person in their vehicle registration certificate.

Before the new amendment took place, transferring a car to a nominee in the event of the death of the registered owner of a vehicle requires complying with a cumbersome procedures and frequent visits to different offices. The process was not uniform across the country.

When the owner of a motor vehicle dies, the person nominated on the registration certificate by the deceased or the person who succeeds to the ownership of the car can use the vehicle as his or her own for three months after the owner's death. For this, the individual must notify the registering authorities of the owner's death within 30 days of the death's occurrence.

Further, to transfer the vehicle in his or her name, the nominee will have to apply in form 31 within the period of three months from the death of the owner of the motor vehicle.

In case where the owner wants to change the nominee of the motor vehicle in case of contingencies like divorce or division of property, she/he may change the nomination.

If the vehicle is stolen and owner taken the claim from insurance company and insurance company can sale the vehicle directly owner to some other person without transfer in the name of insurance company?

Ans:  No, if the vehicle not recovered by police authority and insurance company paid the claim to the vehicle owner then insurance company must be transfer the vehicle in the name of insurance company. The insurance company can be sale to open market, if the vehicle is not the superdari nama/ surety.  

​If, the vehicle sold to some person and the purchaser of vehicle is not transferring in his name then who will be responsible for any incident happened by the vehicle?

Ans : If, the vehicle is transfer then all the liabilities / action will be frame against the vehicle owner, which record is showing in the govt. record.

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​​​​​​Ownership transfer of vehicle Mumbai 

​Want to do online RC transfer in Mumbai? Itzeazy assists in ​​​​​​Ownership transfer of vehicle in Mumbai online  .  Just keep your RTO form 28, form 29, form 30 ready along with other documents required for Vehicle ownership transfer in Mumbai, Itzeazy will handle end to end process while you relax at your home.  So if you want to transfer car ownership or two wheeler ownership transfer , in both the process Itzeazy assists you in Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Panvel or Kalyan .

We at Itzeazy, assist in Vehicle ownership transfer in Mumbai online.

The transfer of vehicle ownership in Mumbai is divided into following three categories :

  • Transfer of ownership in case of normal sale
  • Transfer of ownership in case of death of owner of the vehicle
  • Transfer of ownership of vehicle purchased in public auction

Firstly, you will require the following forms and few other documents for RC transfer

  • RTO form 28
  • RTO form 29
  • RTO form 30

Itzeazy will guide you through each step and you shall contact our customer care number for immediate assistance whenever required. We have our office in Mumbai. 

Why is Vehicle ownership transfer required in Mumbai?

Vehicle ownership transfer in Mumbai is compulsory while you buy or sell a vehicle that was registered in Mumbai. Motor Vehicle act mandates each person to change the ownership of the vehicle as they buy or sell any vehicle. Itzeazy takes care of the entire process in the online mode . Itzeazy is currenly servicing residents in Mumbai, Thane, Panvel, Navi Mumbai, Kalyan and Raigad district.

In Mumbai and its adjoining area there are 8 RTOs 

  • Tardeo RTO ( Mumbai central - MH01)

            Old bodyguard lane, 
            Tulsiwadi, Tardeo,
            Mumbai – 400 034

  • Andheri RTO (Mumbai west - MH02)

            111-D, Ambivali village,
            New manish nagar,
            Versova road, 
            Mumbai- 400 053.

  • Wadala RTO (Mumbai east - MH03)

            B-2, 3rd floor,
            Wadala truck terminals,
            Wadala, Mumbai -400037

  • Thane RTO (MH04)

            B-2, 3rd floor,
            Wadala truck terminals,
            Wadala, Mumbai -400037

  • Kalyan RTO (MH05)

            Sahyadri Nagar ,Chikanghar,
            Nr. Birla School, Kalyan
            (W) Dist. -Thane , Pin.421301

  • Borivali RTO (MH47)

            Wing A, CTS No. 53/4,

            Link Rd, Pramila Nagar, Anand Park,

            Dahisar West,

            Mumbai, Maharashtra 400068

  • Panvel RTO (MH46) 

            Central Facility Bldg, 

            Steel Market, Kalamboli,
            Tal -Panvel,
            Dist -Raigad, 
            Pin – 410 218

  • Vashi RTO (MH43)

            T Block, Sector 19B

            APMC Market
            Vashi. New Mumbai – 400705

Depending on where is vehicle registered and buyer resides in the jurisdiction of which RTO area , process will vary.

For detail information on RTO please visit page RTO Mumbai

If Parent RTO and buyer's RTO is same : 

If the RTO where vehicle is registered , is same as the RTO in the jurisdiction which buyer lives , there will be simple ownership transfer process in that RTO . 

Application with the supporting documents is to be submitted to the RTO . After work completion, RC will be disptached.

If Parent RTO and buyer's RTO is different :

Ownership transfer of vehicle will be done in 2 stages 

  • NOC from Parent RTO
  • ​Transfer of ownership in the RTO where buyer lives


Following are the documents required for transfer of vehicle ownership in Mumbai

  • Original RC 
  • 2 copy of  Form no.29
  • 2 copy of  Form no.30
  • Copy of valid insurance
  • Copy of address proof of buyer
  • Copy of valid pollution under control certificate
  • Copy of G.I.R./Pan no. or Form no. 60/Form no. 61 (in case of cars only)
  • Form 28 - NOC in case of vehicles from outside address proof PUC certificate, Insurance region/state certificate,  Registration Certificate, Tax Certificate) accompanied by prescribed fees.

To download forms visit page RTO-forms

procedure for transfer of vehicle ownership in mumbai

Following are the steps followed by Itzeazy for the ownership transfer of vehicle in Mumbai

  1. Understanding the requirement of the client
  2. Sharing the list of documents required by Itzeazy
  3. Advance payment of service charge by the client 
  4. Verification of the soft copy of the documents
  5. ​Collection of the physical copy of the documents 
  6. Submission of the documents to the RTO
  7. Work completion and dispatch of RC


To transfer ownership of vehicle 2 sets of RTO form is required :

1.  Form 29
Form 30 

Proper form filling is required to get the RC transfer done. Form may look little confusing sometime . To help you we have developed a simple form . Its voice enabled too .  After filling the form online you can download it . 

Voice assisted RC transfer form

1. Voice assisted Form 29
Voice assisted From 30

RC transfer charges in mumbai

Following is the RC transfer charges in Mumbai :

Invalid Carriage                                             --- Rs. 25 
Motor cycle                                                   --- Rs. 150  
Three wheeler/Quadricycle/Light Motor Vehicles:
Non transport;                                              --- Rs. 300 
Transport                                                      --- Rs. 500 
Medium goods vehicle                                --- Rs. 500 
Medium passenger motor vehicle             --- Rs. 500 
Heavy goods vehicle                                    --- Rs. 750 
Heavy passenger motor vehicle                 --- Rs. 750 
Imported motor vehicle                              --- Rs. 2500
Imported motor cycle                                 ---  Rs. 1250
Any other vehicle not mentioned above  ---  Rs. 1500

Additional fee of Two Hundred Rupees shall be levied if the certificate of registration is a smart card type issued