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Bangalore Central (KA-01),
WJCW+MM2, 21st main road, 
Agara Village, 1st Sector, 
HSR Layout, Bengaluru,
Karnataka 560102​

Bangalore west (KA-02)
Corporation Complex ,
Rajaji Nagar,

Banaglore East (KA-03), 
BDA Complex , Indira Nagar,

Bangalore  North (KA-04)
Corporation Complex ,

Bangalore South (KA-05),
Jayanagar  Shopping complex, 
4th Block , Jayanagar ,

Electronic city (KA-51)
Chennakeshava Nagar ,
Hosur Road, 

Yelahanka  ( KA-50)
K.H.B.Commercial Complex ,
Yelahanka  New Town , 

Jnanabharathi  (KA-41),
Mysore Road 

K. R. Puram (KA-53), 
Old Madras Road 

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I have purchased a used car in Bangalore . I have only rent agreement as address proof of mine in Bangalore . Will the rent agreement will work as address proof ?

Ans: yes, In Bangalore rent agreement is acceptable as address proof for transfer of ownership of the vehicle.

Is clearance certificate required for Bike ?

Ans : No, clearance certificate not required for bikes registered in Bangalore.   

I have purchased a used car which is registered in Electronic city RTO. I stay in Kormangala RTO area. Is clearance certificate (CC) is required for transfer of ownership of car ?

Ans: Yes. Clearance certificate(CC) is required, for transfer of ownership of car If seller and buyer live in different RTO area .

Following are the RTOs in Bangalore for which CC would be required :

​KA01   Koramangala
KA02   Rajajinagar, Bangalore
KA03   Indiranagar, Bangalore
KA04   Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore
KA05    Jayanagar, Bangalore
KA06   Tumkur
KA07   Kolar
KA08   Kolar Gold Fields
KA09   Mysore
KA10   Chamrajnagar
KA11   Mandya
KA12   Madikeri
KA13   Hassan
KA14   Shimoga
KA15   Sagar
KA16   Chitradurga
KA17   Davangere
KA18   Chickmagalur
KA19   Mangalore
KA20   Udupi
KA21   Puttur
KA22   Belgaum
KA23   Chikkodi
KA24   Bailhongal
KA25   Dharwad
KA26   Gadag
KA27   Haveri
KA28   Vijapura
KA29   Bagalkot
KA30   Karwar
KA31   Sirsi
KA32   Kalaburagi
KA33   Yadgir
KA34   Bellary
KA35   Hospet
KA36   Raichur
KA37   Koppal
KA38   Bidar
KA39   Bhalki
KA40   Chikkaballapur
KA41   Kengeri
KA42   Ramanagar, Bangalore
KA43   Devanahalli, Bangalore
KA44   Tiptur, Tumkur district
KA45   Hunsur, Mysore District
KA46   Sakleshpur, Hassan District
KA47   Honnavar, Uttarakannada District
KA48   Jamkhandi, Bagalkote District
KA49   Gokak, Belguam District
KA50   Yelhanka, Bangalore
KA51   Banneraghatta, Bangalore
KA52   Nelamangala, Bangalore District
KA53   K.R.Puram, Bangalore
KA54   Nagamangala, Mandya District
KA55   Mysore
KA56   Basavakalyan
KA57   Shantinagar, Bangalore
KA58   Banashankari
KA59   Chamrajpet, Bengaluru Dist - 560019
KA60   R.T. Nagar, Bengaluru District
KA61   Marathahalli
KA62   Surathkal, Mangaluru
KA63   Hubballi - 580026
KA64   Madhugiri, Tumakuru District - 572132
KA65   Dandeli - 581325
KA66   Tarikere, Chikkamagaluru District

Is availability of buyer is necessary while doing the process?

Ans : No, the presence of buyer of the vehicle or the name at which the RC is transfer is not mandatory or necessary to be present at the point of doing process, because whole process is done by the itzeazy team.

​Is availability of seller is necessary while doing the process?

Ans : No, the presence of seller of the vehicle or the name at which the RC is transfer is not mandatory or necessary to be present at the point of doing process, because whole process is done by the itzeazy team.

​What is the procedure to transfer ownership of vehicle in case of death of registered owner ? Also what is the rule regarding nominee in RC ?

Ans :  The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has made a few changes to the central motor vehicle rules of 1989 to make it easier for people who want to nominate a person in their vehicle registration certificate.

Before the new amendment took place, transferring a car to a nominee in the event of the death of the registered owner of a vehicle requires complying with a cumbersome procedures and frequent visits to different offices. The process was not uniform across the country.

When the owner of a motor vehicle dies, the person nominated on the registration certificate by the deceased or the person who succeeds to the ownership of the car can use the vehicle as his or her own for three months after the owner's death. For this, the individual must notify the registering authorities of the owner's death within 30 days of the death's occurrence.

In case where the owner wants to change the nominee of the motor vehicle in case of contingencies like divorce or division of property, she/he may change the nomination.

The person referred to in sub-rule(1) shall apply in Form 31 within the period of three months to the said registering authority for the transfer of ownership of the vehicle in his name accompanied by:-

  • The appropriate fee as specified in rule 81;
  • The death certificate in relation to the registered owner;
  • The certificate of registration;
  • The certificate of insurance;
  • Driving License and permit in case of E-rickshaw and E-cart.

If the vehicle was stolen and owner took the claim from insurance company, can insurance company sell the vehicle directly to some other person without transfer in the name of insurance company?

No, if the vehicle not recovered by police authority and insurance company paid the claim to the vehicle owner then insurance company must transfer the vehicle in the name of insurance company first. The insurance company can sell it to open market after this.   

If, the vehicle sold to some person and the purchaser of vehicle is not transferring in his name then who will be responsible for any incident happened by the vehicle?

Ans : If, the vehicle is transfer then all the liabilities / action will be frame against the vehicle owner, which record is showing in the govt. record.

Can RC transfer be done online in Bangalore?

Ans : RC transfer in Bangalore is not online completely . Application can be filled online. Fees can be paid online . However physical submission of application forms and supporting documents is required at Bangalore RTO.

Following are the steps for RC transfer in Bangalore : 

  • Visit the official website of parivahan: 
  • Select ‘Vehicle related Services’
  • Select ‘State’ and input the ‘RTO number’, then click ‘Proceed’
  • Select ‘Apply for Transfer of Ownership, Change of Address, Hypothecation [Addition/Continuation/Termination], Duplicate RC)’
  • Enter your vehicle details as a Vehicle Registration No. and the last five characters of chassis number
  • Fill up the application detail carefully
  • Deposit Requisite RTO fees online
  • Take print of form 29, form 30 & RTO fees receipt
  • Submit signed application forms along with supporting documents to the concerned RTO.
  • Application will be scrutanized and processed
  • You will get new RC in the name of buyer after one month 

How many days it takes for RC transfer in Bangalore?

Ans : It takes approx. 1 month time for RC transfer in Bangalore.


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RC ​​​​​transfer in Bangalore

Want to apply for ownership transfer of vehicle in Bangalore ? Itzeazy helps in online RC transfer in Bangalore . It includes both car ownership transfer in Bangalore and bike ownership transfer in Bangalore. Just sign RTO transfer forms 29, 30  and keep your documents ready, Itzeazy will take care of end to end process for transfer of ownership of vehicle in Bangalore .

Ownership transfer of  vehicle in Bangalore is done by RTO Bangalore. Vehicle ownership transfer is required in case of selling or buying of the vehicle.

The process for ownership transfer of vehicle is simple and easy with Itzeazy. All you need to know is, what is the application process for RC transfer in Bangalore and documents required for RC transfer in Bangalore. Transferring of the vehicle ownership in RTO signify changing the vehicle owner’s name from seller's name to the buyer’s name. As per Motor Vehicle Act 1988, transfer of ownership of vehicle  is mandatory.  

Ownership transfer of vehicle in Bangalore - Different scenario

The transfer of ownership of vehicle  in Bangalore is divided into three categories as discussed below:

Transfer of ownership in case of normal sell

  • When vehicle is sold/ bought, transfer of ownership has to be done in the name of buyer 

Transfer of ownership of vehicle in case of death of owner 

  • In case of death of registered owner of the vehicle, transfer of ownership of vehicle has to be done in the favor of the legal heirs of the deceased registered owner. 

Transfer of ownership of vehicle purchased in public auction

  • When a vehicle is sold in public auction, then RC transfer is to be done in the name of buyer..

Application for transfer of vehicle ownership should be submitted to the RTO office in Bangalore where vehicle is registered.  Following are the RTOs in Bangalore :

  • KORMANGALA RTO   - Bangalore Central(KA01)
  • RAJAJI NAGAR RTO    - Bangalore west (KA02)
  • INDIRA NAGAR RTO  - Bangalore East (KA03)
  • YESHWANTPUR RTO - Bangalore North (KA04)
  • JAYANAGAR RTO       - Bangalore South (KA05)
  • ELECTRONIC CITY RTO  - Electronic city (KA51)
  • YELAHANK RTO         -  Yelahanka ( KA50)
  • K.R.PURAM RTO        - K. R. Puram (KA53)

RC transfer process in Bangalore 

Ownership transfer of vehicle in Bangalore in the Same RTO

If buyer and seller both resides in the same RTO jurisdiction, you need to apply for RC transfer in the parent RTO where vehicle is registered . The process does not require NOC. This is simplest form of  vehicle ownership transfer process and takes the least amount of time because process is limited to single RTO only.

Ownership transfer of vehicle in Bangalore in Different RTOs

The procedure is same as above for bike ownership transfer in Bangalore.

However for car ownership transfer in Bangalore, it requires NOC from the parent RTO where the vehicle is registered. This NOC is also called clearance certificate or CC. Clearance certificate is NOC issued for vehicle transfer within Karnataka state. This is to show that the vehicle is not involved in any legal dispute. The transfer of car ownership in Bangalore will not be possible without this clearance certificate.

This procedure to transfer from a different RTO applies to car ownership transfer from one RTO in Karnataka to one of the Bangalore RTOs. If the vehicle registration starts with ‘KA’, this is the procedure to follow. The vehicle number will not change, but the details will change. Its documentation will be done at the destination RTO even though the vehicle will have the original RTO number in its registration.

For example, if you are transferring a vehicle from KA01 RTO to KA53 RTO, the vehicle registration number will remain KA01, although all its paper work will be done at KA53 RTO.

Inter state transfer of vehicle ownership 

Inter state transfer of vehicle ownership ( Other state to Bangalore )

If you are buying a vehicle which is registered in other state and you want to transfer it in your name in Bangalore, following steps will be involved :

  1. NOC for vehicle transfer from other state to Bangalore
  2. ​Re-registration of vehicle in Bangalore & road tax payment
  3. RC transfer in Bangalore in your name

Inter state transfer of vehicle ownership ( Bangalore to other state )

If you are buying a vehicle which is registered in Bangalore and you want to transfer it in your name in other state, following steps will be involved :

  1. NOC for vehicle transfer from Bangalore to other state 
  2. ​Re-registration of vehicle in other state & road tax payment
  3. RC transfer in your name 

How to apply for vehicle ownership transfer in bangalore

Following is the process for RC transfer in Bangalore :

  • Download forms 29 and 30 

  • Make sure you have the signatures of both the buyers and sellers on the forms.

  • Request a NOC from the bank if the vehicle was financed or was under hypothecation

  •  Clear traffic chalan if there is any

  • Get a NOC from the company in case seller is a company

  • Request a clearance certificate by the parent RTO in case its car and buyer's address is in a different RTO area
  • Submit the application for  vehicle ownership change , along with additional documents to the RTO

  • Deposit requisite RTO fees at RTO

  • Receive the RTO receipt from the RTO office after submitting required documents.

  • Check with the RTO to get the latest status

  • Take the new RC after the transfer has been completed. 

Approximate time required    - 30 days

RTO visit required                      - No

documents required for RC TRANSFER in bangalore 

Following are the documents required for RC transfer in Bangalore

  • ​Original RC

  • Two nos. of  Form 29

  • Two nos. of  Form 30

  •  Copy of insurance policy that is valid

  •  Address proof copy of the buyer

  • Copy of valid pollution control certificate

  • Copy of G.I.R./Pan number. and Form No. 60/Form no. 60/Form no. (in the case of cars only)
  • NOC from the bank if the vehicle is on loan or subject to hypothecation

  • Clearance certificate from parent RTO if it is car and buyer's address is in different RTO jurisdiction

  • Traffic chalan clearance certificate if there is traffic fine is there  

  • Company NOC if seller is a company

Process for ownership TRANSFER OF VEHICLE in bangalore with Itzeazy 

Itzeazy provides service for ownership transfer of vehicle in Bangalore. Its door step service and completely hassle free . We have well defined internal process to give you smooth experience . Also we have strict document management system to keep your valuable documents absolutely safe and secure.

Following are the steps involved in the process with Itzeazy    

  • Requirement understanding of the client

  • Sharing of the list of documents required for RC transfer in Bangalore

  • Advance payment by the client

  • Verification of the soft copy of the documents

  • Collection of physical copy of documents from client's doorstep

  • Submission of the document to the concerned RTO in Bangalore

  • Regular update to the client about the progress of the work

  • Work completion and dispatch of the document


To transfer ownership of vehicle 2 sets of RTO form is required :

1. Form 29
From 30 

Proper form filling is required to get the RC transfer done. Form may appear little confusing sometimes . To help  we have developed a simple form . Its voice enabled too .  After filling the form online you can download it . 

Voice assisted RC transfer form

1. Voice assisted Form 29
Voice assisted From 30

​RC transfer cost in Bangalore

Following is the RC transfer cost in Bangalore :

Invalid Carriage                                              --- Rs. 25 
Motor cycle                                                     --- Rs. 150  
Three wheeler/Quadricycle/Light Motor Vehicles:
Non transport;                                              --- Rs. 300 
Transport                                                      --- Rs. 500 
Medium goods vehicle                                --- Rs. 500 
Medium passenger motor vehicle             --- Rs. 500 
Heavy goods vehicle                                    --- Rs. 750 
Heavy passenger motor vehicle                 --- Rs. 750 
Imported motor vehicle                              --- Rs. 2500 
Imported motor cycle                                  ---  Rs. 1250
Any other vehicle not mentioned above   ---  Rs. 1500

Additional fee of Two Hundred Rupees shall be levied if the certificate of registration is a smart card type issued